Types of Home Alarm Systems

May 4, 2019

Types of Home Alarm Systems

Although West Canadian provinces rank the lowest when it comes to crime rate. There is always a fear of losing your life and assets by some robber or being assaulted. Every time people leave their homes empty, their mind ponders if everything back at home is safe. Without a proper protection plan, the chances of a break-in increase threefold.

Every home in Edmonton must setup home alarms in order to prevent mishaps. A home alarm system kills the sneaking game of any burglar. When the alarm is tripped by an unwanted guest, it either dials the emergency number or blares a shrill alarm to wake up the residents and neighbours. There are various types of home alarms, tailored according to different defense needs of the buyer.

1) Wired Home Alarms

These are your most basic kind of burglar alarms. A wired alarm system connects all the entry point doors to a low-voltage electric circuit. The alarm remains disabled while all the doors are closed. As soon as the door is opened or broken, the circuit breaks and the alarm blares at a volume high enough to wake up the people in and around the property.

2) Unwired Home Alarms

The name suggests the very advantage of this type of alarm system. Unwired alarm systems are hi-tech gadgets that work with infrared, radio, or microwave frequencies. The most common infrared alarm uses micro projectors to project invisible beams regularly across an entryway. When the beams are disrupted even by a hair, the infrared beam breaks and the alarms sound out through the central system. Alarms with radio frequencies send a signal to the central system whenever the local unit at one of your doors goes off.

3) Unmonitored Home Alarms

Unmonitored alarm systems are the most common and cheap home alarms in Edmonton. These alarms will only notify the user and neighbours if any kind of break-in is attempted. Unlike other better options, these alarms are unable to reach any authority in case of a break-in. Even if such an alarm notifies you through your phone, there is a high possibility that you won’t have enough time to prevent the damage. Unmonitored alarm systems are okay for populated locations with closely adjoined homes. So, your neighbours can come to their senses if someone tries mischief.

4) Monitored Home Alarms

Rich people leave their homes to the care of 24/7 guards, but not everyone can pay for 24/7 security. But how would it be if there was someone who would get to your place at the first sign of trouble? Monitored home alarms have been doing the exact job. A monitored home alarm system stays connected to the network. If a burglar tries to break-in, these alarms not only blare at your home but also at the authoritative offices. They can immediately reach your place and catch the vandal. Or, you can even turn off your own home alarm to let the burglars enjoy their short-lived success while the police gather on their back.

Going away for a party should be free of worries about home security. Home alarms from a security service in Edmonton can get you the hassle-free outdoor life you’ve always liked.


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