How Can You Secure Your Basement Windows?

February 18, 2019

Secure Your Basement Windows

Did you know that a residential break-ins happens every 90 seconds in Canada? Yes, the fact is indeed shocking but true.

Many a times, burglars take advantage of the areas that we might not pay much attention to in our houses. Basement is also a weak area of your home where break-in can happen. To discourage the burglars from gaining access and compromising the safety of your house, we have listed some tips to secure your basement windows.

Install Sturdy Gates

Window security gates are strong bars that come in many different sizes, styles, and materials. Choose the one that matches your needs and your security demands.

A word of caution: Basement windows are used for safety reasons in the event of emergencies. Many of these bars can’t be removed once installed. So, look for a gate that you can open from the inside and easily exit the basement.

Reinforce the Glass

Avoid using weak glass that your burglars can easily shatter. If you have small basement windows, replace them with glass blocks. Glass blocks are extremely difficult to break and also let plenty of light in the basement.

Check your Locks

If you have a sliding window, we recommend to replace them with pin locks which are inexpensive and are easy to install. Padlocks are also cost-effective for securing small, non-exit windows. But we do not recommend you have a padlock for your emergency window because we don’t want you to waste another second to escape in the event of an emergency. If you have multiple basement windows, ensure that one of them opens without the key.

Make your Basement Visible

Did you more than 80% of break-ins occur during the daylight in Canada? Yes! Burglars take advantage of the basement windows that are not visible. The basement can sometimes be hidden by overgrown shrubs and flowers, thus blocking the way. Try to install enough lights along the basement windows as well to keep the area well-lit.

Block the Path to the Window

Even if the burglar tries to make their way in through the basement window, block the path with things that make noise to startle them. You can place a squeaky toy, plant cacti, or place potted plants in the passage to basement windows to delay the attempt of the burglar. The sound made by a toy can alert you and you can immediately catch the burglar.

Improve your Home Security

A good home security service system can deter a burglar or alert the neighbors and the respective authorities in case of a break-in. You may place alarm systems near the basement windows and have cameras around them. You may install indoor motion sensors as well for added security.

Investing today in home security services and systems can save you from a lot of unexpected losses made by the thieves. To keep you, your family, and your valuables safe from burglars, invest in home security today for a safe tomorrow.


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