What Type of Security Services do Banks Require?

March 31, 2017


Some banks may have many floors, while some have many branches located in different cities. All these locations and parts of the banks are equally important as they collect, store, and secure the money of those who have their accounts managed by the bank. Banks are always at high risks of robberies, thefts, frauds, and break-ins. It is extremely crucial for maintaining safety and security of the money and bank employees. Below are some security systems that every bank must have.

Security Guards

It’s beneficial to have security guards in banks for two major reasons.  They question the visitors and keep a check on the unauthorized entries. They also help customers by guiding them to the respective counters to perform various bank-related transactions. The guards answer the queries, guide customers in bank work, and make sure the customers feel comfortable. They are also  in-charge of maintaining discipline inside the bank premises and respond to emergencies. The security guards are always the first ones to reach out to in case of any difficulty or emergency.

Camera Surveillance and Monitoring

The video surveillance and monitoring systems allow banks to monitor and view live and recorded video footages. These modern cameras cover multiple locations like the main bank area, parking area, locker room, and other chambers of the bank, and even multiple branches at a time. These surveillance cameras provide continuous surveillance of the bank round the clock, even during the non-working hours and bank holidays. Not only the banks, cameras are installed in ATM centers to avoid robberies, fraud withdrawals, and maintain overall security. The presence of these cameras act as visual deterrents to the criminals and also provide the peace of mind to the genuine customers.

Alarm Response Systems and Security Guards

Security alarm systems are installed at banks to signal the authorities if there’s a threat. This system consists of a detector using a sensor followed by an alarm circuit. Different types of sensors are available for detection like the intrusion detection, unauthorized entry detection, fire or smoke detection, etc. A team of alarm response security guards are notified immediately as the alarm rings. These guards reach the bank property to take the situation under control. Often, the alarm alerts the mobile patrolling security guards and they reach for the rescue before the monitoring team.

Other Professional Security Systems

Apart from these three main security systems, there are a few other essential systems to safeguard the assets and information of the customers. The cyber or the online data security is also important. As online banking is becoming important these days, cyber security avoids online thefts of money and frauds. The access control system is yet another feature to restrict the unauthorized entry into the restricted areas of the banks. An authorized person can use access cards, access pin, or other things to gain access. This also helps in maintaining a correct attendance of the employees.

If you’re not sure whether your bank’s security is enough or not, contact us today. We will identify where it lacks and suggest solutions for protecting your employees, customers, their money, and their data. We provide Edmonton security services that you can choose from and keep your bank property safe and secure.


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