3 Security Systems Every Parking Lot Needs

October 5, 2019

Security Systems for Parking Lot

Parking lot systems have changed tremendously over the years. Automated cash collection and ticket printing systems have reduced the need for security guards at parking lots behind walls or in basements. Parking lots are quiet and lonely places with cars to help a person with ill-will hide behind them. In such situations, a crime can go unnoticed unless there is another person by your side to assist you. Being alone, you may be robbed of your belongings cash and even your car if the robber wants something more. In parking lots, that houses vehicles from the people working in or visiting the building above, burglars can try to get it and dismantle car alarms and steal them. They can also take a civilian on gunpoint and rob them of their belongings. So, a parking lot is a place that is always in need of updated security systems to protect assets and lives.

What Are the Security Systems to Be Set at a Parking Lot?

A parking lot can be a big area with people coming and going without being noticed by security officials or the patrons themselves. Security systems at a parking lot must include the following.

1) Emergency Station

An emergency station can help a lot when a customer feels threatened by someone. Emergency stations can be set up on parking lots, both above and below the ground. An emergency station with bulletproof glass and an emergency calling phone is a safe haven for people who want assistance. It is prevalent for cellular and wireless devices to fail behind thick concrete walls. An emergency station must be convenient enough to make calls to the concerned authority at the touch of a button. Emergency towers or basement rooms must have video monitoring to help the authorities assess the situation better. Blue lighting in emergency rooms make it easier to locate and must have an alarm or siren if possible.

2) Access Control

Access control systems in a parking lot, especially the ones in the basement can prevent a lot of crimes or can also help contain the miscreant inside the facility. Access control units have first access to the security guards working in the building. A simple card swipe can help the guards shut down all the pedestrian entries in case someone raises the alarm. The access control security systems can also be connected to the entry ticketing system where the users can quickly contact the security authorities if they have some trouble from a vandal or have got stuck at the entry.

3) Video Surveillance

Security cameras are the most critical security system that you must have at your parking facility. A live video feed from cameras to the authorities helps them keep the whole area on check for a suspicious-looking person. If someone tries to hijack a vehicle and the victim cannot immediately contact them, the security guards can see the violator and respond quickly, saving the property or life of their customers.

Another security concern at a parking lot can be the lighting. Parking lots have a lot of dark corners and blind spots where a predator might be waiting patiently for their victim so always choose to have highly reflective paint inside the parking lot with bright lights to eliminate any dark spots for the civilians and for the security cameras. For adding new security systems to your parking lot, contact GPS Security.


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