5 Places in a Building Where You Should Install Security Cameras

June 24, 2019

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras improve business security as it prevents crimes and other thefts. It is important to install security cameras in a commercial building. But sometimes, people do not know where to install the security cameras when they newly move into a premise or think about securing their property. They place it in the wrong place, and when a crime occurs, they do not know when and how it happened. So here are some places where you can install the security cameras so that you don’t be clueless when things go wrong.

1. Entrances and Exits

This is one of the essential places to install security cameras. It is necessary as you can keep an eye on people entering and leaving the premises. You would know when they are entering and when they left the premises too. So if a suspicious person enters or leaves the building, you will identify them with the help of video surveillance.

2. Restricted Access Areas

There should always be a security camera in the restricted areas. People often enter restricted areas and hide things there, and you would not even know. Use cameras with time lapse recordings with the card access systems. We recommend using this in a restricted area so that you come to know if an unauthorized person enters that area.

3. Parking Spaces

It is a necessity to install security cameras at dimly lit areas like the parking spaces. It is wise to install a night vision camera at car parking to detect car thieves when there’s less light. If you have a huge company, you can keep track of your employees too. You can know at what time they enter or leave. If there is a camera placed at dimly-lit areas, thieves would think twice before committing a crime.

4. Stairs

If a burglar succeeds in getting in the property, he will use the stairs. He would not use the elevator as someone might see him. It would be advisable to install a security camera there as you can identify the burglar. You can then give the footage to the police to help them with their investigation.

5. Near Cash Counters

This is yet another important place to install security cameras. Burglars usually break in for cash so it is important to place a security camera there so that you can have a clear view at this point in your commercial building. If there is a huge theft, you can help the police with their investigation by giving them the footage.

Security cameras are becoming important day by day as thefts and crimes are increasing around us. Security cameras provide us with video and audio footage, live or recorded, within the property. They can be viewed from any location from a computer with internet. With the help of security cameras, owners can keep an eye on the company while they are away. Undeniable video evidence has led to many criminals being killed or put behind bars. If you have any queries, you can get in touch with us and get all your questions cleared.


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