Things To Do After A Break-In At Your Business

August 4, 2022


It seems sensible that a business or an organization would be an excellent target for criminals. Thieves can discover more valuable things in one place than in any residential property, including merchandise, money, and several types of electrical equipment.

However, people are frequently shocked when they come to work and learn that their company or organization has been burglarized. Although the best way to protect your business is by hiring a certified security services provider, it’s always better to take preventative measures when something like this happens. Protecting your facility becomes an absolute necessity.

In this blog post, we have listed the essential guidelines that should assist you in avoiding any potential problems after a break-In and a few important tips to avoid further confusion and stress.

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Report The Incident To The Police

When you arrive, do not try to enter the building if the robbers are still inside the building. If you do enter, move slowly since a burglar could still be hiding inside. Also, avoid touching anything, as you want to leave everything intact.

Even though it might seem obvious, the first thing you should do after a break-in at your place of business is to call the police. You might be tempted to examine the crime scene, but don’t. Before entering the building, make contact with the police and wait for their arrival since this will improve your chances of recovering any stolen items. You should then file a police report.

Pro Tip: Use 24/7 Alarm Monitoring System equipment at your business property for quick response so that people in the area are alerted.

Keep A Record Of Your Interpretation Of Events

Giving the police a precise and thorough report can assist them in making an arrest and can also facilitate you to submit an insurance claim. You should write down or document the specifics of the break-in as soon as you can after the incident.

Make a note of the time you got to know about the incident, the property damage you see, and any steps you did before the police came. Make sure you keep a record of all these details.

How many of them were there? How old were they? What did they look like? How did they enter the building? What did they take? Did they leave in a vehicle? What do they look like? Questions like these can help the police to take quick action.

Pro Tip: Use Video Monitoring equipment at your business property so that you don’t have to take on the burden of describing what happened at your business all by yourself.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you’ve given the police a statement and documented your event, you should review your policy and call your insurance company. Any details you require to include for submitting a claim should be clarified by your agent.

An inventory list, pictures of any property damage, and a copy of the police report are often among the necessary documentation if you own your space. Even if you might not yet have all the necessary data, it is usually preferable to get in touch right away.

Pro Tip: You can always opt for commercial theft insurance available for burglary and robbery, property damage, and destruction. If you don’t have insurance, now is the best time to get it.

Review Your Security

Even though burglaries can be frightening and unpleasant, they also present a chance for development and improvement. The fact that a break-in was successful suggests that your security system might not be as reliable as you believed.

After the initial uproar of the break-in has settled down, it’s essential to evaluate your current security procedures and system, as well as the, why and how of its occurrence. It’s a good idea to collaborate with a security service provider to aid with an assessment of what succeeded, what didn’t, and what areas need to be addressed.

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