The Most Common Security Guard Mistakes to Avoid for Warehouses

March 18, 2019

Security Guard Mistakes

Warehouses are highly targeted locations for criminals as there are a lot of opportunities to steal things and hurt a large number of people. Warehouse security is one of the most important aspects of any business, and selecting the right security guard can be a daunting task. Without professional warehouse security on the premises, you may invite troubles and put your inventory at risk. We all know that security guards act like saviours when it comes to security. But selecting the right type and number of security officers can be confusing.With hundreds of security firms out there competing to provide you with the best service, it makes it even more difficult to decide which is the right one for you.

We see businesses make a lot of mistakes when they hire a security officer. They end up hiring an officer who is…

Not Adequately Qualified

Security guards need to have a complete understanding of security operations. They need to follow a specific set of rules, standards, and practices when providing security services to a property, especially a warehouse. Security incidents can take place suddenly. It is important for the security guard to be vigilant in any scenarios. A security guard who is well-qualified can easily follow all the rules and provide seamless security services. But an unqualified guard will fail and put the security of your warehouse at risk.

Have Incorrect Licenses and Permits

Licenses and permits certify that the security guard has completed his training and is apt for providing service to big properties like a warehouse. States laws such as Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA) in Canada states all the various factors that a security guard needs to follow, including licensing for armed security guard. A security guard does not get the license and permit if they are convicted or charged with any offense. Therefore, hire the security guard who holds a license with a clean criminal record.

Not Properly Trained

With quick reflexes, a security guard must be able to take good judgmental calls to handle a situation. Criminals won’t knock at your warehouse’s door before robbing your space. Whether it is to outrun a thief, handle an armed burglar, or tackle a dispute, you need to ensure that the security guard can handle the situation in the safest way possible. Security companies train the guards to handle any situation. They are trained to know the basic ammunition characteristics, gun handling, self-defense, and shooting. It is vital that the security guards undergo such professional trainings or they may fail to perform their duties well.

Do Not Have Previous Experience

It is important to hire a security officer that is not only licensed but has the necessary skills and expertise to fulfill the duties and roles. The best security guards have a high level of expertise and can handle a range of threats and scenarios.

Make sure you don’t make such mistakes or you will only put your warehouse’s security at stake. Compare all your security company options well before finalising one and hiring security officers for your property.


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