Striking the Right Balance of Security In House: Windows and Doors

October 12, 2015

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of the house and you have to ensure that you have taken the right measures for the security of them. Many Alberta security companies have specific plans for the home security that includes securing the front doors and windows to give you maximum protection against all the risks. In the recent survey done by the Alberta security companies, it was estimated that almost 67% of the burglaries that were happened in the recent times, were done through the windows. You can see for yourself, that how much you are exposed to the risks for the safety for your family, if you don’t have the proper locking mechanism at your doors and windows. In this article, we are going to show you some of the ways using which you can safeguard the risks of the house.

1. Take a proper survey

Before you call in the security company, make sure that you have taken the right survey of the house to look at the areas that need more security. Areas like back doors and windows need to be more secured than other parts of the house. Many burglars cut the frames and grills of the windows, to take entry in the house. If you have a right security measures installed, then you can be sure of the security. Remember not to keep windows and doors open during the night time.

2. Locks and grills

You must always ensure that the locking mechanism of both windows and doors are working in perfect manner and if it is giving you any problem, then get it replaced on first hand basis.

3. Alarms and sensors

The best way to ensure the right security of the house is by installing the right measure. It is always a best idea to equip the main doors and windows of the house with motion sensors and alarms, so that any forced entry will trigger the alarms and you will be notified of the event. Also, keep the curtains and shades pulled to prevent burglars and thieves from peering in.

4. Minding the surroundings

If you have a tree with its branch too close to the window, then make sure that you are getting it trimmed so that no one uses it to get a forced entry in your house. Many of the thieves and rapists use these branches to get the entry in the house through windows.

5. Right security

The best way to safeguarding the risks is by getting the right security for the house. Many Alberta security companies have specific plans that might suit your need and the kind of security you are looking for your family. You also have an option to get the security plan according to the requirements of the house to get maximum protection. Remember, it is always best to be secured than to be sorry.


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