Tips to Secure Your Windows

July 27, 2015

Windows are often the most neglected part in the security of the house. We tend to get the home secured with various new age security equipments, but we fail to give importance to the security of the windows. In the recent survey done by the Alberta security companies, it was estimated that almost 67% of the burglaries that were happened in the recent times, were done through the windows. You can see for yourself, that how much you are exposed to the risks for the safety for your family, if you don’t have the proper locking mechanism at your windows.

There is more to the security of the windows than keeping them locked all the times. It is always a best idea to contact any one of the Alberta security companies, for the right guidance in the overall security for the windows. In this article, we are going to show you some of the ways using which you can safeguard the windows.

1. Taking Care Of The Weak Points

Before you start looking for the better security measures for you window, you need to look out for the weak points that can be used to break-in to the house. Many burglars cut the frames and grills of the windows, to take entry in the house. If you have a right security measures installed, then you can be sure of the security. Installation of high quality steel frames and locks will prevent any break-in and if you are going to install motion sensors, then any attempt to open the windows will trigger the alarm. Remember not to keep windows open during the night time.

2. Locking Mechanism

If you haven’t changed the locking mechanism of the windows from a long time, then it is probably the right time to do so. If you are using the locks that were installed by the builder, get them replaced with new high quality ones.

3. Keeping Shades

It is always a good idea to maintain a touch of privacy. If you don’t have a tint on the glass of the windows, then you can put a security film over it. This will make it difficult for anyone who will attempt to penetrate through it. Also, keep the curtains and shades pulled to prevent burglars and thieves from peering in.

4. Preventing Access

If you live in an area that has trees around, then make sure that no branch of the tree is too near to the window. Many of the thieves and rapists use these branches to get the entry in the house through windows. Make sure that you are getting them trimmed and cut so that they are not near to your window.

5. Getting the right security

The best way to safeguard your home is to get a right security measures. Make sure that you are calling one of the best Alberta security companies to safeguard your family against all the risks. Remember, it is always best to be secured than to be sorry.


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