Should I Have My Security System Monitored?

February 2, 2022

Should I Have My Security System Monitored?

When it comes to having a security system for your home, office, or any other commercial facility. The real decision you want to make is whether or not to get a monitored security system. Alarm security monitoring is simply the detailed and uninterrupted communication between your security system and the central station of your security alarm system provider.

However, people are often worried about the potential hustle a wrong security message can create. No doubt safety is important but your security system should be safe enough so that it won’t give fake alarms and create embarrassing scenarios when the security arrives.

The following blog post discusses various options to monitor your security system and the benefits offered by all.

What Security System Monitoring Entails

Alarm system monitoring is simply a security system that is attached to a third-party system. It sends signals to the external party when it detects activity to get a response to it. The security company will then usually pay a monthly fee for the alarm system monitoring. The alarm systems monitoring can be done using an existing phone line or a specially installed third-party dialer.

Available Options For Monitoring A Security System

When getting a security system your options range from keeping it unmonitored to having it monitored by a professional company. To make the best-suited decision, it is important to know the pros and cons of all monitoring options. Some of them are explained below:

Unmonitored Security System

Also known as a local security system. This is simply a security alarm system that is not attached to any external source. It sometimes translates to the fact that when a threat is detected the alarm will go off but no one will be notified.

This option is opted for by the homeowner, quite more than we think. It is usually because people don’t want to pay the monthly fee or just don’t want to deal with the false alarm hassle. Whatever the reason, it remains a heavily opted option, especially by homeowners.

However, local security alarm systems have no link to anyone outside the building premises. This means if something bad happens help needs to be called separately. Oftentimes, this delay costs lives and huge chunks of money, especially if you live in an area where crime rates are high.

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Self-monitored Security System

As the name suggests, the system is connected with the customer’s cellular device. This can be done by a cellular dialer with interactive features. These interactive features allow the customer to load on and load off the alarm system using their smartphone. In this security monitoring option, whenever the alarm goes off, only the customer is notified. The customer then calls the helpline and police for instant help.

Although the self-monitor system is more safe compared to a local alarm system, the customer is not always able to make an emergency call. For instance, if a burglary were to take place in a house of a vacationing family and the owner is sleeping in a hotel room. No one will know about the alarm till the owner wakes up in the morning and checks the notification.

Similarly, if the house is intruded the owner may not be able to call security workers due to being held hostage by the intruders. Therefore, a self-monitored security system limits its efficiency and is usually not recommended.

Professionally Monitored Security Alarm System

In this, a professional security company monitors the alarm system for you. Whenever the alarm detects any threat it notifies the monitoring company and they immediately inform the concerned authorities. Professionals are always attentive and response time to a threat increases significantly.

GPS security alarm system services are not only monitored by vigilant and well-trained personnel, but our advanced system also notifies the owner whenever some intruding activity is detected. Our alarm system also allows you to have full control of your alarm and camera security system using your smartphone and other digital devices.

Hence, the professionally monitored alarm system actually provides you the security and threat response that you want when getting an alarm system installed.

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