Security Cameras Work

April 28, 2016

24/7 surveillance

One of the easiest ways you can improve the security of a location is by having a security camera. A security camera is forever, the silent guardian, watching over an area 24/7. This simple feature can offset many criminal activities in the area and make them think twice before they burglar your home or business.

Stats that Show Security Cameras Work

Here are some interesting studies that show surveillance cameras work.

  • A 2009 study found that the installation of security cameras in the parking lot led to a 51{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae} drop in automobile related crime. The study further stated that crime experienced by public transit travelers experienced a 23{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae} drop.

  • A 2013 study by the John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety, found a relation in the reduction of crime rates within a 150 foot radius and a drop in public disorder within a 350 foot radius of installed security cameras.

  • A study done along with the Institute of Crime Science, South Korea and Department of Criminology, USA found that robberies were 74{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae} less likely to occur in public areas with security cameras.

  • A study by Urban Institute found that security cameras installed in a neighborhood led to the drop in crime by 20{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae}.

Big Brother Watching

One of the biggest reasons that make security cameras effective is because it just shows that someone is always watching. It is part of human nature to change our behavior depending on whether someone is watching or not.

The simple belief that someone may be watching them makes a criminal think twice.

Evidence Gathering

Surveillance cameras usually store video records up to a week and for more. The camera can store vital evidence when a crime takes place. This can be used later on as evidence by investigators to locate, arrest and prosecute criminals.

Contrary to popular belief, criminals don’t wear masks when committing the crime because that would just ensure they stand out from the crowd. This means that faces are captured on the camera.

Sends a Message

Any neighborhood, home or business location that has cameras is sending a message to potential criminals. The message is quite simple – this area takes its security very seriously. That is going to make a criminal think twice whether he should really try to breakin or not.

A security camera also suggests the location has alarm and sensor security.

A surveillance system is an easy and cost effective method of enhancing the security location.

If you wish to install a security system or a surveillance system to protect your home or business, reach out to the professionals of GPS Security who will meet your requirements.

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