How to Have Security Awareness at the Office?

September 30, 2016


You walk into your office and you find all of your hardware to be secure. All your customer data is safely encrypted and so is all of your software. Yes. But, the only problem is you are living in a perfect world- which is  hot in our dimension. You have to expect problems to occur.

So when you come back to our world and realize that it isn’t possible to secure every single thing, you install security measures because you want to reduce the damages or theft. It is best to inculcate a security awareness training program for the organization to improve on its security awareness.

  1. Motivation

Motivation is necessary for you to set things rolling. Security awareness is important in all aspects of life not only the workplace. By raising awareness of security issues and concerns in a wider context, such as how to better protect their families and personal finances, employees will be more engaged and their emotional interest will be sparked.

  1. Be Realistic

If you’re thinking about putting in place bans for various things, stop that thought process right there. Cultivate an atmosphere of trust. For example, consider social media websites. Don’t simply ban specific websites. Teach your employees to be judicious about it.

  1. Get Creative

Start thinking creatively to generate the much needed security awareness. Even if funds are scarce, you can still make the learning process more fun than drudgery. For example, give boxes of candy canes out for the holidays, but tucked inside each box enclose the company’s security policy. Employees will more likely read the policy if it comes with candy canes than if it’s simply mailed, or handed to them in the office by the boss.

  1. Hit a “Home Run”

Shift the focus of your employees. Make them a part of this entire program. How would you do it? One thing is, don’t harp just on security awareness that affects the company. Make workers understand that security is about them, too, not only the elusive bigwigs. Talk to them about the most common scams and tricks cyber criminals use, and how they can protect themselves at home with tools such as firewalls and wireless VPNs.

  1. Seek Support From The ‘Top Brass’

How do you get your C-level guys involved with security awareness? They need to know this not merely a one-time thing. Make them understand that return on investment is contingent upon security. That should get them interested in the whole idea which will ultimately benefit the organization on a day to day basis. Once the “bigwigs” get involved, employees lower on the chain will more likely follow suit.

It won’t be easy but if you take the right steps and are able to generate the necessary atmosphere, you will have an office which will be taking its security measures seriously. Fewer problems? We think so.


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