Pros and Cons of Video Monitoring Systems

January 12, 2018

Pros and cons of video monitoring systems

Video surveillance is no longer an alien concept. When George Orwell, described a world where everybody is constantly watched, in his novel ‘1984’, video surveillance was a new phenomenon. But today, we come across video cameras installed almost everywhere; from banks, schools, malls, elevators to even residential apartments. Video cameras are used in multiple locations. It is almost like we are being constantly watched. Having said that there are both pros and cons to the use of video monitoring systems.


It goes without saying that video monitoring systems enable security guards to monitor multiple locations at the same time through a single screen. Video monitoring systems record events 24/7. A property which is well-monitored with video monitoring systems is less likely to be attacked by burglars and vandals. In the case of a first time offender, the sight of a video camera at the location will make him change his plans of stealing something from the venue. Another advantage of our video monitoring systems is that you can get a live feed of the video footage on your phone as well. This unique feature is called ‘remote monitoring’ which enables you to keep a tab on the location even when you are away from the location.


One major disadvantage of using video monitoring systems is that they are static. This gives rise to blind spots. A blind spot is a place where the video monitoring system cannot capture the footage. You will have to place your camera in a strategic location to be able to cover the maximum portion of your property. Another disadvantage of video monitoring systems is that it invades your privacy. When there are cameras installed everywhere, you are being constantly watched. Having cameras installed in offices can hinder employees from being themselves. It can make them feel uncomfortable at the workplace. To add to that video monitoring systems are mostly expensive. Depending on the features of the camera and the service being provided, video monitoring systems can cost you a fortune.

But in the present world where crime is so rampant, it is imperative that you take steps to secure yourself and your assets. Hence, it is always advisable to have a sophisticated security system in place. If you are on the lookout for Edmonton security services, then reach out to us at the earliest.

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