Where and how you should place CCTV cameras in your house?

August 6, 2018

CCTV camerasWe surely don’t want our valuables and belongings to be stolen while we are at work. Therefore, to make sure that our house is safe, we rely on several security measures. Some of the prominently used security equipment are security cameras, alarm systems, smart locks, etc. If you are planning on installing CCTV cameras in your house, we’ve listed down a few tips to take into account.

Main entrance

The main entrance is one of the places where a burglar can enter. Therefore, you can install CCTV cameras right above the entrance of your front door. You should place it at such an angle that it covers almost the entire front entrance area. This will allow the camera to capture the visitors right from the time they enter your premise. You can place your CCTV camera bought from a security company inside fenced wiring. By doing so, you make sure that the camera has not been tampered with.

Rear entrance

An intruder can try to enter your house from the back side because it is easier to not get noticed. If you plan on installing a CCTV camera at the rear entrance of your property, you might as well place the camera at such a location that the burglar is able to see it as well. When burglars see the camera, they understand that the premise is being monitored. Therefore, they may think twice before entering the house. Furthermore, you can also place another camera which is not visible to the people. This helps in capturing images when the visible camera is not functioning.

Hall, living room, and kids rooms

Placing CCTV cameras in kids rooms, and living rooms can also be a good option to enhance the security of your house. Some cameras allow you to view the live video on your smartphones. So, you can watch over your kids when you are not in your house with these cameras. Also, this is very useful to keep a watch over your house especially when you are out of town.


Windows are a soft spot for burglars. When you place CCTV cameras at your windows, you can be sure that any thief trying to enter your house will be caught on the camera. Make sure you install CCTV cameras at the above-mentioned places in your house. Now there are different types of CCTV cameras available for you to choose from. So if you want any assistance in selecting the right type of security cameras or installing security cameras in your house, get in touch with a security company.

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