Mobile Patrols Security

April 18, 2015

Mobile patrol services give you the added advantage of security on the go. Having the premises secured is a different thing and having a mobile security is another. To have security issues covered, you need to have the best of mobile patrols services in Calgary. The main focus of the mobile security is to determine the potential criminal activity and detecting the issues early that may be of potential risks. Not everyone can have the same kind of mobile security and they need to have a customized one to suit their specific needs. The patrol services are available in the following options that give you the best of protection.

  • Exterior Mobile Patrols

The exterior patrol keeps an eye on the security of the outer premises and secures the perimeter that may be prone to the break-ins. The outer security covers all the major places like the outer main doors, installing necessary equipment like CCTV cameras on the pathway and driveways, appointing a security guard at the gates, lighting the areas that are not well lit, inspecting the windows and installing motion sensors on the ones that are on the secluded areas, parking spaces etc.

  • Interior Patrols

Interior patrols ensure the safety within the house or enterprise. They include secured doors and latches, CCTV monitoring in the long corridors, installing fire alarms, and keeping a tab on any suspicious activities.

  • Escorting the employees

An employee of the high ranking is a very important asset for the company. Many Calgary mobile patrols company provide specific protection for the patrol security for escorting the employees. During a shift change or dropping employee back home, all the necessary security steps are taken to make sure the employee reaches his home safely.

  • Facility Security

There are different facilities within the organization that can house important details and the working of the business. To make sure all the information remains intact, the security takes care of everything from the security guards to the automatic door locks and alarms.

  • Parking Security

Large business houses have big parking lots that need securities too. As many of the important people working in the organization use the parking lot, you need a tight security arrangement to ensure the security of the staff. The mobile patrols services needs in Calgary have increased as the enforcement has made it mandatory the basic requirements in the security.

As you have seen, the need of the mobile securities is needed everywhere. Be it business or homes, you need experience patrolling officers that use latest equipments to guard the organization and the home premises. The services can be customized and you can have the security as per your needs. If you want the added security guards along with a vehicle that patrols your house at a certain time of the day, then you can have this option in the security package. Every detail of the potential risks is covered by mobile patrols security to give you the best all round protection.


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