Safe Parking Can Become a Reality in Calgary

February 17, 2015

Vehicular theft is a problem that the people of Calgary are constantly facing. Over 6,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the city and the police have been unable to solve this problem. It can happen to anyone. As a resident of Calgary, all you can do is take sufficient precautions to prevent your car from getting stolen, and report to the local police if you witness this happening.

Most cars are stolen as a crime of opportunity, so don’t think it is a planned attack against you. Quoting from the Calgary Police Department, “Around 40% of the vehicles we see stolen in Calgary are stolen because they are left running to warm up in front of a residence or someone nips into the convenience store for some items they require.”

So, what steps can you take in order to ensure that your car is protected from theft?

1. Parking in a Public Parking Lot

Rather than parking in an empty alley, shell out some money and park your car in the public parking lot. A crowded public parking lot might give you a tough time to find a parking spot and even charge you for parking, but at least your car is safe. Apart from a security patrol unit and surveillance system, you also have plenty of people passing through the area.

2. Well-Lit Area

Choose to park your car in a well-lit area rather than a shady one. Dark areas allow a thief to open and hot-wire your car without the worry of being discovered. This is not the case when you park your car in a well-lit area where the thief has to constantly worry about being exposed.

3. Keep your Eyes Peeled

Look out for suspicious people or activity when you drive onto the road to park the car.

4. Don’t Leave Anything in the Back

Leaving your laptop bag or even your office briefcase could work as an enticement for a thief. Either carry it with you or keep it in your boot.

5. Remove the Car Keys

Whether you are getting out of the car for a second or a minute, remove your car keys. Getting out of the car with the engine still running and the keys in the ignition is like inviting a car thief to rob you.

6. Know Where Your Car is Parked

Whether you are parking your car at the mall or out on the street, know exactly where you have parked it. This way, you don’t waste time hunting for it, and if at all it has been robbed, you’re quick to realize it.

7. Be Safe When You Walk Back

Stay safe when you return to your parking area. Either walk in a group, or if you’re alone and feel paranoid in the slightest, ask the parking lot security guard to accompany you. Don’t be too shy to ask him for help; it is his duty to comply.

8. Hold on to your Keys

When you’re going back to the parking lot, remove your keys and keep them ready. This way, if you feel intimated by the sudden presence of a suspicious character, you can quickly get inside the car. In such a scenario, lock the doors and windows and exit the area as fast as possible.

By sticking to these tips, you have just decreased the opportunity given to a car thief. Don’t give them that chance. If you run a parking lot, enhance your security with GPS Security Group.


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