Know The Various Types Of Security Guards

December 11, 2014

A security guard can fulfill different roles. This is why there are different types of security guards. If you weren’t aware of this, now is a good time as any to inform yourself. Some of these roles require general training, while others require in-depth and specialized instruction.

Contract Security Guards

These are the usual security guards that you come across. There are trained in the most basic skills of guarding the entrances and patrolling property. Additionally, they have adept social interaction and emergency skills to handle people and crisis situations.

If you get contract security guards, ensure that they are licensed.

Patrol Security Guards

Particular clients want a security agency to patrol large locations, or several locations. Patrol security guards are adept for this because they are trained in driving a patrol vehicle and are knowledgeable in handling the equipment provided by the security agency. The most common place you would have seen a patrol security guard is at a college or a university with a large campus. Oil companies also hire patrol security guards to patrol the pipeline.

Surveillance Security Guards

Surveillance security guards are technology adept. Apart from setting up the technology security solution at your location, he is also the one who sits at the Surveillance Monitoring Station to look out for any suspicious activity.

Alarm Response Security Guards

These are security guards who are on standby and respond to any alarms that may go off from a client’s property. This way any criminal violation can be dealt with immediately.

Pipeline Security Patrols

Oil spills and environmental damage is a problem that has occurred time and again with oil pipes leaks in Alberta. However, by hiring pipeline security patrols, oil companies are able to ensure they prevent such events from happening.

These patrols also help deter criminal elements from hitting the pipeline.

Fire Watch Security Guards

Fire watch security guards are trained for to look out for potential fire hazards or signs of fire. Most fires can be prevented from blazing out of control by calling the fire department service and bringing their timely intervention.

Personal Security Guards

If your life is threatened, you can hire a personal security guard to protect your life. They are usually dressed in plain clothes to blend in.

You can learn more how GPS Security uses these various types to provide a variety of security services and solutions to our clients.

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