Security Guard And Customer Service Go Hand-in-Hand

November 25, 2014

A security guard’s job has more responsibility to it that meets the eye. Security guards interact with many customers on a daily bases and their human interaction needs to be on par with their attention to security.

Take a closer look at the job a security guard entails, no matter the location, they are constantly interacting with customers.

– At the Airport

The security guards at the airport are trained to treat you with respect as you jump through their security loops.

– At the Supermarket

From enforcing parking lot rules to watching out for shoplifters to keep criminal elements out, the security guard has to be versatile in his interactions.

Customer Service is about Treating the Customer Right

When a security guard dons his uniform and stands on your property, he represents you. A security guard that harasses people entering your property will create a bad impression of your establishment. Whether the security guard is on duty at the gate or patrolling inside the establishment, he needs to treat the customers well, even if they are caught in the wrong location, or doing the wrong thing.

Putting the Customer First

When it comes to protecting the property or customer, there are no second thoughts – the customer comes first. The first job of a security guard is to ensure that any person, customer or employee is safe during a fire or any other emergency.

Listening to Others

There will always be those who want to strike up a conversation with a security guard. Often, people see a security guard as a good person to have a conversation with since he is at the desk or just standing there. This is especially true if it looks like the security guard is not doing anything.

Such instance will test the listening skill of a security guard. At the same time, he needs to respectfully excuse himself as he has a job to do.

Problem Solving

When it comes to conflict, the security guard is the one to resolve it. This is where treating a customer right matters. An aggressive, rude or violent customer has to be treated differently. But, you wouldn’t to want use force with such a customer, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Rather, you would like such a customer to be escorted out from your establishment without any hassle.

A security guard is trained to do just that without escalating the situation. He usually uses a respectful, yet decisive tone of communication to convince the customer to leave.

Customers are emotional beings and often, will test the patience of a security guard to the brink of being unreasonable. It’s the job of a security guard to maintain that standard of good customer service expected from your establishment and deal with the issue at hand.

Communication is Key

Communication is a very important asset of security, whether it is at making a customer feel well at home in the establishment, tackling a customer’s problem like locking their keys in the car or just dealing with a customer who feels ill-treated.

GPS Security’s training does not miss out on this facet and all our security guards are trained to be fantastic at interacting with customers.


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