Is Your Home Susceptible to Home Invasions?

September 25, 2019

Home Invasions

Almost all of us find ourselves safe in our dwellings. We always try our best to make the home safe of interior and exterior calamity. But the main reason behind your home being unsafe is not the environment or nature, it is the people who have turned to unlawful means for their living. On a 5 year annual average, 5% of houses were burglarized in Canada . Stats also say that single-family dwellings are 15% more likely to be targeted by home invaders. Burglars and robbers can have many strategies to invade your home security and rob you of your precious possessions and can also be a threat to your life if you don’t have a proper defence mechanism. A lot of people think that their home is safe from the invasions by just putting up an advanced lock system. But as the securities in homes advance, so do the techniques of the miscreants. You must know about the safety level of your home to know if your home is vulnerable to invasions. There are certain factors that make your home unsafe.

Keeping a Spare Key Outside the House

Many of us keep a spare key hidden outside the house as a contingency for times when we might lock the keys inside the house or have lost the keys outdoors. The burglars and invaders also know of this human psychology and they can easily find the keys to your house by guessing the places that you might hide your key. Once they have the key, even the alarm might not trouble the intruders and they can easily take whatever they want in less time.

Ignoring Second Entry Point

A lot of houses have a second entry point at the back or side of the house. These entry points can be connected to the basement and can be ignored very easily while leaving the house. Most of the time the front door is kept a priority for home security. But the back door can be an easy entry point for invaders. The trend of having glass doors for back entry can be a foolish decision in secluded areas or areas with higher rates of home invasions. Opt for steel bar doors for your back and front entries for extensive protection.

Signs of an Empty House

It should come as no surprise that burglars and thieves will always target the homes that are unoccupied for a long time. Leaving your house with obvious signs that it is unoccupied will attract the attention of invaders. Filled up trash cans, days of mail and newspaper accumulated at the front door and lights out in the evenings make it evident that the house is unoccupied. Try adding a mail slot on your front door so the mail can be delivered inside and doesn’t show. Pause the subscription for your newspaper or magazines for the period that you are leaving the house to make it look occupied.

Leaving a house unoccupied or not having home security measures can cost you a lot from your property and could even pose a threat to your life. For all-round security of your home, contact GPS security.


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