Is It time To Hire A New Security Guard?

February 15, 2018

Security Guards in Red Deer

Having a trained security guard helps to provide better security of the entire premises along with better skills to manage various situations. Unlike the untrained guards, it is very rare to receive a complaint against the trained guards. This is because these trained guards take their duties and responsibilities seriously and perform a better job. Although the untrained guards may be aware of their duties, they may not be able to provide complete security services. In such cases, it is better to replace your security guards. You can consider the following signs to replace the current guards with professional, trained, and highly skilled security guards in Red Deer.

Involvement In Corrupt Practices

Security guards are hired to ensure the safety and security of the people and also to avoid any criminal activities on the premises. But who will ensure that guards are safe and not involved in criminal activities? If you find out that your security guard is involved in any corrupt practices, then you should hire a new security guard. For instance, if you catch your security guard taking money from a person to allow him inside the premises and perform unethical practice, it is better you get rid of such guards and hire new and professional security guards in Red Deer to ensure better security.

Not Trained To Handle Situations

Security guards have to maintain harmony and peace in the premises. This includes handling every situation that can hamper the security. It can be a fight between people, a theft, fire outbreak, or any other situation. If they are unable to handle such situations, then you need to consider hiring new guards. For example, if a security guard fears and runs away during any situation instead of helping the people on the premises, it means he is not trained enough to handle that situation. It is better to hire a guard who is well trained and will protect the people inside the premises first.

Unable To Provide Complete Attention

Even if a security guard is unable to handle all the different situations, he has to be alert at all times. Lack of attention is one of the main reasons for breach of security. An attentive security guard makes sure that there is no security breach on the premises and is always on toes to handle any kind of threat that comes his way.

Not Able To Communicate Properly

The manner in which a security guard communicates with the people is very important. If a guard is not polite with the people who enter the premises, then you need to talk to him about his rude behavior. It might even affect the approach of outsiders towards your premises. For example, if you are a business professional, and the security guard outside your premises behaves rudely with your client, it can directly affect the client’s approach towards your company. Therefore, hire a security guard who greets and communicates with the people in the right manner. This will prevent you from getting complaints against your security guard.

Use Of Substance During Working Hours

When a security guard is on duty, it is his responsibility to ensure that no one uses any substance that can affect the peace and harmony of the premises. Along with this, it is also important that the guard himself should not follow substance abuse. If the guard, for instance, is drunk during the working hours, it can affect the security of the premises.

If you notice any of the above signs in your security guards, it is better to hire new, trained and professional security guards in Red Deer. They will ensure that your premise is completely safe and the people inside feel secured from any external threat.


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