Importance of Hiring First Aid CPR Security Guards

March 6, 2017


The first aid CPR security guards are security guards who receive special training for taking care of the people who are victims of the emergency medical situations like natural disasters, accidents, bomb blasts, riots, etc. Most first aid training sessions provided to these security guards often cover CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training as well. These professionals are many steps ahead of the ordinary security guards. Hence, the number of benefits of hiring these guards are more. Here are three main benefits that prove that it is important to hire first aid CPR security guards for any building or property.

They Provide Immediate Assistance

Security guards are present almost everywhere today. If these guards are trained well with first aid and CPR techniques, they can rescue the people during emergency situations They can provide necessary medical aid to the injured or affected people before a certified doctor arrives. This can control the situation and save many lives.

They Make the Situation Calm

People tend to panic during an emergency or casualty situation. But, it is important to stay calm and react logically during such situations. The first aid CPR security guards are generally hired because they remain calm and patient, and can create a calm situation. They try to control the people who are affected by the situation and maintain order. Not only do these security guards ensure their physical safety but also provide emotional support.

They Perform Multiple Tasks

The basic job of any security guard is to ensure safety and security of the people and property they are guarding, and maintain order within that place. A first aid CPR security guard is qualified to perform various other tasks like rescuing the injured people. These specially-trained security guards are prepared and ready to tackle any casualties. This makes them different from ordinary security guards as they can perform multiple tasks at a given point of time.

Hiring first aid CPR security guards is important to save lives of people. And it is never too late to hire them if you don’t already have these guards on your property. Hence, hire our Edmonton security guards who are skilled and up-to-date with CPR and first aid services. Our professional security services have all the components to ensure an overall safety and security for you, your assets, and your loved ones.


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