What Can a Security Guard Do?

March 29, 2016

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Despite taking a multitude of precautions for the safety of your home or business from burglars, you cannot possibly cover all your bases and something is bound to be neglected. For this reason, security guard companies in Edmonton provide security guard services for the complete protection of your home or business. Although the mere visual presence of an Edmonton security guard is sufficient to deter a burglar from targeting your home, there are various other functions that security guards perform.

Monitor your surveillance systems

Safety is not guaranteed by simply installing a surveillance security system, monitoring it 24×7 is essential. An Edmonton security guard can monitor your surveillance security system at all times, ensuring your home or business is secured. The security guard will also inspect the premises if he notices any suspicious activity on the surveillance system.

Conduct security checks

Your Edmonton security guard can conduct regular security checks around the perimeter of your home or business to ensure that there is no cause for concern. This will guarantee that you sleep peacefully at night, knowing your security guard is vigilant in protecting your home or business. No more waking up in the middle of the night to attend calls from the alarm company or to the sound of a door in your home opening, your Edmonton security guard has your safety covered.

Ban unwanted visitors from entering

A restraining order cannot warrant that a certain person stays away from your property unless you have police officers stationed at your home of office at all times. A security guard can, however, ban persons from entering your property and save you the trouble of dealing with unwanted visitors. The absence of security guards at your door can lead to dangerous persons from approaching you and threatening your safety.

Ask for identification

Burglars disguised as electricians, plumbers or maintenance authorities are not unheard of. To prevent such persons from gaining access to your property, a security guard stationed at the entry point of your home or office can ask for suitable identification. Permission for entering is only granted once the Edmonton security guard is thoroughly satisfied with theidentification provided.

Random searches on persons within their area of authority

A security guard can ask to search a suspicious person seeking admission to your property and cannot be denied the right to do so. This affirms that any weapons, harmful substances or explosives cannot be brought to your property to endanger your safety. The security guard is your firstline of defense.

Detain criminals

In the case of a crime committed on your property, your security guard can capture and detain the persons involved until the police arrive. Use of reasonable force is also permitted for security guards for the purpose of protecting the owner of the property. Burglars breaking into your home or business can also be dealt with suitably if a security guard is stationed at the premises.

Hiring a security guard is the ultimate prerequisite to safeguarding your home and business from burglars and other threats. Security guard companies in Edmonton provide a host of security guard services to ensure your safety and protection and the security of your valuables. Hire one today and secure your peace of mind.


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