How Can a Security Guard Address Workplace Violence?

March 1, 2019

Security Guard Address Workplace Violence

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about workplace crimes? Theft or vandalism, right? Considering these acts as the biggest workplace crimes is normal. Most people overlook physical and sexual abuse or threats when counting workplace crimes. But these types of activities also contribute to creating a chaotic and unfavorable work environment. While you have several security systems installed in your office to prevent and respond to burglaries and vandalism, a security officer can be ideal for tackling workplace violence. If you are thinking about how this is possible, take a look at the ways we have discussed below.

Helps Risk Assessment

The first step to addressing and improving your employees’ and visitors’ safety is to identify the potential threats of workplace violence. You can hire a security officer and discuss with them the ways to assess risk. The security guard will help you in making a list of possible threats such as an unhappy employee, a past employee who has had bad blood with you or other employees, or a client or business partner who is known to get into disputes with people. They will also help you in making a list of all emergency exit points that will let you evacuate the place in case of an emergency.

Dissuades Potential Nuisance-Creators

Once you and your security officers have a list of all nuisance-creators, or people who can probably lead to a chaotic situation, the professionals can be alert. They will prevent potentially violent individuals from even trying to enter your building. Prohibiting entry for these people will help you and your security guard avoid any workplace violence caused by them.

Establishes Reporting Procedures

Another way in which a security guard can help you is by establishing reporting procedures. You may already have a violence or sexual assault reporting process and a concerned team looking into such matters in your office. But they may not be instrumental or available when a situation arises. When you appoint a security officer in your office, they will be able to establish a process of people reporting to them. Your employees will know whom to reach out to if they have issues with their colleagues or visitors. As these professionals have interactions with almost everyone in and around your office, they can take the right steps to prevent or handle a violent situation.

Tackles Chaotic Cases

When you appoint a security officer on your premise, you can rest assured that whenever workplace violence takes place, the professional will look into it. The professional is trained to tackle situations that involve verbal, physical, or sexual abuse. The officer rightly knows what steps to take to ensure that the accused gets accosted out from the premises.

By calling our security guards and appointing an officer in your workplace, you can reduce your responsibilities of preventing the violence from spiraling out of control. This way, you can ensure discipline in your office and the right working environment so that your employees feel safe.


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