Home security mistakes you don’t want to make

September 22, 2016

enhance home security,

Many burglaries could be prevented if people didn’t make so many home security errors. If a burglar is absolutely determined to get into your home in particular, he will probably find a way. But as long as you avoid making mistakes (like leaving a window unlocked), most burglars will skip your home in search of an easier target.Here are some common home security mistakes. How many of these mistakes have you made?

Let’s take a look at the mistakes that you don’t want to make.

The so called hidden key

Burglars love when homeowners “hide” their keys under the doormat, or in a fake rock or lawn ornament. Experienced burglars know exactly where to look to find your hidden key. Don’t leave a spare key in what is actually an obvious place. That is one of the basic step to protect your home.

Consider a system that offers keyless entry, so you can give the nanny, cleaning person, or handyman access, without having a lot of spare keys floating around, or hidden by your door.

Ladder access

A ladder is a great tool for a burglar. Don’t leave ladders unsecured outside your home as a step to reduce the home security errors.Take a look outside your home. Is there a ladder stored in plain sight? Is it in the backyard, leaning against the house? Is it in an unlocked shed? Or, has it been left outside, under the window you were fixing?

Door and window locks

It seems obvious, but keeping doors and windows locked can go great lengths to reduce home security errors . Remember the statistic, that 30 percent of burglaries happen without force, making unlocked doors and windows easy access for intruders.Don’t just lock your doors and windows. Take safety a step further—make sure your door and window locks aren’t old and malfunctioning, or cheap or poorly made. Spend a few extra dollars on quality locks.

Your garage

Most garages are attached to your home, meaning once inside your garage, an intruder can also access your house if it’s unlocked. Prevent this by locking both your garage and the door that connects your garage to your house. Protecting the garage is essential to enhance home security.
The first line of defense is making sure your garage doors remain locked at all times, no matter what. This includes while you’re home. But don’t stop there. Keep the door from your garage to your inner sanctum locked too.

Fake security equipment

Sure, it might be cheap to go on the Internet and buy a fake surveillance camera or some home security signs. But burglars can spot fake security equipment from a mile away. And once they realize that your house isn’t secure, they’ll take it as an invitation to come on in. Fake security is a very serious of the home security errors.

GPS Security Group will help you to enhance home security. An appropriate balance between safety and security must be achieved in order to create the most secure and safe environment.


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