Common Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

May 18, 2016

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Home is where the heart is, isn’t it? If so, why are owners so lax in protecting their home by making common home security mistakes? Why make the job of breaching your home security easy? By merely taking note of some preventive measures, you can at least not hold yourself responsible in the event of a burglary. Here are some of the common home security mistakes every owner should be mindful of.

Hiding a Spare key behind the front door
A thief is always looking for the safest means to breach your home security without having to try too hard. Looking for your spare keys under the doormat, in a potted plant or around your entrance, is second nature for a thief. Why give him a chance? Take every precaution and leave your spare keys in the custody of a trusted neighbour, even when venturing outside for a short visit. Do not give the thief a chance.

Upgrade your locks
Door and window locks are often light duty. They may be easy to access with bump keys or other common burglar tools. Upgrade your locks from standard to heavy duty and make it hard for the burglar to break in.

You forgot to lock up
Always make it a point to check for any open doors/windows before leaving your home. Lock up. Stay safe.

Don’t turn off the lights
Whether you’re away for a short or long period, do not leave your home in the dark. Keeping one light on will not do the trick either. Instead, automate your home’s lighting: create custom schedules, use the application to turn your lights on or off, and create rules to flip lights on if certain sensors are activated. Create the impression of life inside your home despite you being outside.

Making your private visit, public
Agreed, you are excited about your trip and you want your friends to know Let your inner circle know, but don’t make it public knowledge when you are away from home. You can always share your pictures on social media once you return.

You forgot to arm your alarm
Every time you step out, ensure you arm your home alarm system. Stick a note on the doorknob to make it a habit or, better yet, install smart features that auto-arm your system or let you remote/disarm it via application, lest you forget. You can also activate your alarm using a smartphone app.

You still have fake surveillance cameras
Many homeowners resort to using dummy equipment such as fake surveillance cameras to detect burglars. Seasoned burglars can tell the difference between real and fake equipment. Do not underestimate a burglar’s intelligence. Set up a home security system that has the ability to detect crime and trouble. New home- control technology gives you the power to look in on what’s going on in your home from wherever you might be. All you have to do is open your application on your smartphone and you can view a live feed from surveillance cameras around your home.

Letting mail and newspaper accumulate at the door
Uncollected mail and newspaper piles suggest that the owners are away. Ask your paper boy to hold off on the newspapers until you are back. Likewise, ask the post office to keep your mail and collect them when you get back.

Avoid these common home security mistakes and prevent burglary. Boost your home security by availing the security systems services of GPS Security and live without the fear of encountering burglary.


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