Home Alarm System Installation Mistakes

September 30, 2019

Home Alarm System

The households with single families have to leave their houses unoccupied whenever they have to travel out of town or have to go on a family outing. Home security becomes a concern during the travels. To remove the stress of home security from travel time, homeowners use the home alarm system. A home alarm system is a trip-wire circuit that is connected to the entry points in the house. Whenever the entryways are forcibly opened or broken, the trip-wires disconnect and the alarm goes off blaring loud bell sound or horns that wake up the neighbours. Advanced or smart alarm systems can also help you immediately dial the numbers to a security service or the police.

Although home alarms can help catch the intruders or scare them off, invaders can still overpower your security systems and steal precious things. The alarm system in your home can fail if the installation has not been done according to the security measures and logic. Here are some mistakes that must be avoided during the installation of a security system.

Missing Entry Points from the Circuit

While installing alarms in the house, a lot of users tend to ignore some entry points of the home that can be used by burglars to get inside your dwelling. When the alarm system is being installed use it to encircle your whole building. Don’t ignore entry points that you think the invaders can’t reach. Some entry points like windows on the upper floors are ignored but when you’re gone for some days, trespassers have a lot of time to plan the invasion. So always connect all the potential entry points of the house.

Using Customary Codes

Using the same obsolete factory setting codes is pure ignorant behaviour. Keeping security codes like ‘0000’, ‘1234’, and even ‘2468’ gives a clean chance to the invaders to disarm the alarm and invade the house. Use a combination of numbers that only makes sense to you or has some resemblance to yourself. Also, don’t share the codes with several people. If possible keep it only amongst the family members. The codes given to close friends or to teens who may be friends with your kids can travel to others and can reach a potential invader.

Keeping the Control Panel Next to the Entrance

Never install the main control panel of the alarm systems right next to or in front of entrances. This increases the chance of your code being seen by a trespasser that has been stalking you. It is the most accessible place for anyone to see you entering the code. The control panel placed near the entrance also gives the same trespasser time to quickly deactivate the alarm. Choose places in your home that are out of view from the entrances when installing the control panel. Better places would be in bedroom passageways or the kitchen.

Installation of an alarm system is easy, but using it against the sly nature of criminals takes some skills. You can make use of the manual but securing your house with the help of professionals gives you an advantage over the invaders and they also help you with the invasions by linking your alarm system to their phone lines.

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