4 Protective Equipment Every Security Guard Must Have

October 2, 2019

Protective Equipment for Security Guard

A facility like a warehouse or an office complex always requires security from internal and external troubles, for this reason, facilities employ security guards. A security guard is a person who is always standing between you and misfits. But a security guard in Red Deer needs to be safe himself first to keep you and your facility out of bounds from vandals or robbers. A security guard with an incomplete kit would not be very efficient or ‘alive’. Sometimes the harmful factors of the society have a more violent approach towards their actions. In those moments, a security guard must be equipped with gadgets and supplies that can help them stop the attackers from getting past them. They must also be equipped to be able to contact responsible authorities in time to save the day. So what are the pieces of equipment that you should look for on a security guard at your facility in Red Deer?

1) A Bright Flashlight

Darkness can only be conquered by a bright flash of light. A security guard in Red Deer works at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes, guards could also be placed in a dark corner of your facility and might require light to have sight of any trouble surging in the dark. A security guard must always have an efficient and bright flashlight that provides them with an apt vision to commence their duties. Thieves and robbers are always at the top of their sneak game in the dark. A guard without proper lighting can be wide open attack point. A heavy-duty flashlight is something which can never be ignored in the kit. A metallic flashlight can also act as a handy pummel for the guards during self-defence.

2) High-Visibility Clothing

The general view of a security guard in Red Deer on his post is with a black outfit. But the same outfit won’t work in all the situations that a security guard works in. At places like construction sites or chemical warehouses, there are always heavy vehicles and machinery being operated. A guard must have clothing with neon colours and reflective stripes to make them clearly visible to the other workers so that they don’t get caught up in an accident due to low visibility.

3) A Two-Way Radio

At huge facilities, there is not just one person on guard. Facilities, along with remote areas and expansive ground coverage, will always require several guards across the property. A security guard must always have a two-way radio in their kit belt so that they can contact other comrades in the area if they need assistance with some trouble that has suddenly emerged while they are alone in a field.

4) A Gun

Sometimes, having a standard guard baton or pepper spray isn’t enough in some facilities. Remotely located warehousing, for example, is a place where the criminals may intrude the area bearing arms. Some of them don’t flinch an eye before shooting people out of their way. A security guard in such facilities must have a firearm at their disposal so they can stop criminals from harming them and your property.

A security guard in Red Deer facilities must have a kit-belt occupied with every self-defence and contacting gadgets that help them be efficient in their job while minimising trouble for you. For security concerns at your facility or event centre, contact GPS Security for security guards.


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