5 Kind of Security Guards You Must Never Hire

August 7, 2019

Security Guards You Must Never Hire

We, as business owners and shopkeepers, wish to secure our location of the business to free it from any criminal activities, and that’s why we hire security guards. But what if these security guards end up in becoming bad hires? It’s then a time-consuming Jon to find the right security guard again. Avoid wasting your time by filtering security guards at the start and never hiring these types of guards.

1) The Untrained Ones

When you hire security guards from any random provider, you can’t be sure of the training and experience they have. If the company isn’t a reputed or serious one, they may not even train their guards and think that the job is all about being alert and deterring thieves. Always hire guards from a company that believes in training their guards well before employing them. Consider GPS Security for your security guard requirements.

2) The Angry Ones

Avoid security guards who are angry all the time. Do you want your customers and employees to complain to you about their bad encounters with the security guard? No, right? Then talk to guards before hiring them to understand their temperament. You should always hire calm and patient security guards because that’s how ideal security guards should be.

3) The Racists

Some people are just biased based on the religion, race, colour, nationality, or gender of people. They may not be trusting of a certain race or think that all women are bossy and rude. You do not want to hire someone who frames a person because of their race. You obviously want your customers and employees to feel safe and not targeted because of their religion or anything else. Look at their track record and talk to the guards to understand if they are biased. 

4) The Casual Ones

Look at the track record of the security guards before hiring. Are they known for being too casual with their work? Do they sleep or use a lot of devices during their shifts? If yes, avoid them. You can also talk to them and ask questions about how they’ll handle various situations. If their responses are too lame and casual, just don’t hire them. They won’t do anything good to your property.

5) The Overqualified Ones

If you are looking for a security guard for your store, a small store, it is pointless to hire a CPR certified security guard. These type of security guards will be overqualified for your requirements. By hiring them, you will only waste your money and the security company’s valuable resource that they could’ve used somewhere else. Always hire someone who’ll be the right fit for your location, property, and timings. If you aren’t sure about whom to hire, you can talk to security company representatives.

When you hire GPS Security, all you have to do is explain your requirements, and we will provide the best-suited guards at your location. All our guards are certified, trained, and experienced professionals, so you can totally rely on us.


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