4 Must-Haves for Event Security

May 7, 2019

Event Security

The success of an event is measured in many ways, but when you have so much footwork on the venue, you need to consider getting the best safety to make the event successful. Over the past few years in Calgary, large scale events and crowded places have been the targets of terror attacks. If you are planning to make your event security plan an effective one, you need to have the essential things on the checklist. Here are some of the must-haves for event security.

1) Barriers and Signage

When you have a significant event, you will also have a large crowd to manage, not only inside but outside as well. You need to make provision for safe passage of emergency for the pedestrian to exit during emergencies. The barriers help to direct foot and keep the guest out of areas that they aren’t allowed to access. Adequate signage for entries, exits, toilets, waste, or recycling bins, etc. helps to caution or notify the guests and manage the crowd better.

2) First-aid CPR Services and Police

With such a crowd, the chances of someone getting hurt is high. Having on-site emergency services like CPR guards and police is essential as it provides benefits such as:

  • Quicker to contact than requesting for an ambulance in case there is traffic
  • Address the injured much quickly
  • Easier to handle the theft and medical situations

3) Fire Prevention

Keep suitable fire extinguishers and fire blankets in appropriate areas (mounted on the wall or trolley) for easy access during the time of any fire emergency. Having fire watch security guards on the venue can help you spot hazard, evaluate, and act during fire emergencies. In event premises, it is mandatory to have a fire alarm system and emergency lighting installed at entry and exit doors. Check the fire equipment and create an emergency plan that will notify the employees working on the venue in case of an emergency.

4) Install Security Equipment

A large crowd is always a soft target for large scale attackers. Sometimes, security teams can’t cover all the areas of the venue. Therefore, install camera security systems at various points of the venue. Install body scanners at the entrance to spot any suspicious activity or prevent anyone from carrying any dangerous weapons and hazardous chemicals inside the event.

A well-organised and safe event ensures that everyone leaves the venue with smiles after the event. To make your event successful, you need to ensure that the event is well-planned and managed for the guests. Make sure you give event security utmost priority.

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