4 Most Common Event Security Threats

September 14, 2019

Event Security Threats

Safety of people like no threats to their lives and their property is called security. A threat would be risking the security to the effect that people are attacked at events that require overall security where they could be enjoying their freedom and affinity. Open-air concerts, enclosures, event halls, workshops, conferences, exhibitions either indoors or outdoors, wedding receptions in large halls, resorts or hotels indoors, or other venues that qualify as open-air pavilions, all these are places where events could be held. Let’s understand some of the threats involved during an event at these locations.

1) Robbery

When you organize an event, being the organizer, keep the possibility of robbers among the attendees in mind. You must convey announcements that people should take care of their belongings, children and senior citizens at mealtimes and dances. Considering the staggering rate of crime, robbers or a swarm of bandits can attack people, even in broad daylight. The threat will also remain when minimal security forces are disarmed by intelligent crooks. Robbers have moved beyond the myth that robberies take place only indoors and at night, and people invited for daytime events are equally vulnerable. The security should be pre-planned for the event, taking into account the number of people who bought tickets or accepted invitations. 

2) Kidnapping

Anti-social elements can slip in at events disguised as people who are attending the event. Children are mostly the target of kidnapping. You must take preliminary precautions, intermediate steps, and steps when the event wraps up, to secure the event location with barbed wire, hi-tech security fencing, motion sensors and detectors, security cameras, large-scale alarming or warning systems, and infrared people scanners at various event spots. A secure and strategic pre-planning and post-event planning structure must be in place to prevent gangs and dangerous criminals from kidnapping children and threatening groups with sharp weaponry, just so that they don’t isolate, grab, and hurl the victims into vans, or other carriers, for evil purposes. Reporting devices, security weapons, and hi-end equipment throughout the line of authority must stay in place.

3) Vandalism

With the rise of crime rates, the miscreants are posing threats by getting a new hold over footfall. Criminals or culprits can harm people and destroy the high-valued property. Security personnel must take charge at the event with pre-planned installation of advanced equipment at the event place. Video monitoring the event must be key to security operations even while being behind the scenes.

4) Illegal Drug Trade Or Trafficking

Distribution of drugs at large events is a common occurrence. Security guards on patrol, safety measures on the part of people at large gatherings, security meticulousness wielded by high-responsibility security authorities and in-depth security dynamics can avert the spread of drugs. Officials can trace whereabouts on CCTVs and disarm drug addicts.

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