Fire Prevention Tips at Office

April 5, 2016

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If a fire breaks out at your office, it could be hazardous to everyone in the office and would cause considerable damage to the property. An office destroyed by fire would led not only to financial loss, but a big to the business as a valuables would have been destroyed. A fire at the workplace is an easily avoidable occurrence. Fire prevention for your office is crucial for the protection of your office as well as your employees.

Keep your office clutter-free!

  • A cluttered office is a breeding ground for a fire. Papers, unused boxes, wooden file cabinets and furniture can serve as fodder for the fire. Boxes and furniture blocking fire exits and doorways can impede access to exits when a fire occurs, trapping everyone in the office.
  • Digitalize all your records once you are done using them and shred unwanted papers on a daily basis.
  • Instead of wooden file cabinets, opt for metal file cabinets and furniture for your office.
  • Keep all exits free of clutter and store combustible materials in well-ventilated areas away from potential sources of fire.
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  • Replace any frayed or cracked wires. Ensure that there are no live wires in the office as they can easily start a fire.
  • Do not run wires across doorways where they can be stepped on or be run over by chairs and other furniture.
  • Do not plug in more than one extension in the same outlet. Use suitable extensions for all appliances in the office.

Electrical appliances

  • Ensure all appliances are operated in well-ventilated areas.
  • Keep flammable materials away from heat-generating appliances.
  • Do not stack papers or files on top of copy machines or any appliance which generates heat as it can cause a fire.
  • Be sure to switch off all appliances including coffee makers at the end of each day.
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks of all appliances to ensure that they are in working condition and get them properly serviced. Office equipment can cause a fire if not cleaned and well-maintained and must be checked regularly.


  • Never permit smoking indoors. Instruct your employees to only smoke in designated areas of the building.
  • To decrease the probability of a fire, do not flick ashes into wastebaskets and instruct your staff to follow suit.
  • Check if all ashtrays are cold before emptying them into the trash.
  • Do not permit employees to light any candles or scented oils in the office, not even on their personal desks as these are a fire hazard.

Fire safety tips

  • Before a fire breaks out, ensure that you have the fastest exit routes mapped out and all employees are well aware of each route.
  • Train employees in using a fire extinguisher correctly and place fire extinguishers within reach so that they can be easily accessed when needed. Replace fire extinguishers that have passed their expiration date.
  • Make sure all fire alarms are in working order and replace those that are not. If your fire alarm system is down, hire a fire watch security guard from a reliable fire watch service to monitor any fire hazards in your office.
  • Conduct regular fire drills for your employees to familiarize them with emergency procedures. Take a headcount of all employees after the evacuation to ascertain if anyone is missing.

No matter how big or small a fire, always contact the fire department.

Do not use elevators in the case of a fire and close all doors when exiting a room to limit the spread of the fire to the other parts of the building.

Use these fire prevention tips to train your staff in preventing a fire and avert loss to property and life. Consult a fire watch service for more tips on fire preparedness. Hiring a fire watch security guard to fire watch your office for you is the most fool-proof way to preventing a fire in your office.


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