5 Security Essentials for Your Business

March 29, 2016

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Your place of business can have valuables and even cash that can be stolen during a burglary. Business security is as important as business success and should not be neglected. Here are 5 business security essentials that you should invest in to keep your business safe.

1. Strong doors and locks

Doors are the most common entry points used by burglars and can also be the most effective deterrents if they are sturdy enough.

Install exterior doors built of solid wood or metal that fit tightly into the doorframe.

A heavy-duty deadbolt lock with a heavy-duty strike plate can be installed using three-inch screws that penetrate the wall stud. Pin cylinder dead bolt locks provide the best protection against burglars.

Make it a point to count the keys you give out to your employees and ask to see them once in a while to ensure that keys have not been misplaced, lost, or stolen.

Avoid using doors with hinge pins on the outside where they can be easily removed. Equip outward swinging doors with hinges that have non-removable pins.

Secure overhead garage-type doors with padlocks on the roller channel.

2. Windows

Install strong double keyed dead bolt locks on your windows.

Use burglar-proof glass for windows which use a special type of plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass. It is breakable, but requires repeated hammering to break and does not shatter when broken. A burglar might not waste time trying to break the glass and move on to another target.

3. Safer Safe

If you keep cash at your workplace, you should invest in a strong safe that cannot be cracked open by a burglar. Look for one that has an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label with their effectiveness ratings as these are certified burglar-proof safes.

Even if your Safe has a strong lock that cannot be pried open by a burglar, if it is movable, a burglar can easily take it with him. Consider bolting your safe to the building so it cannot be transported out of your office.

It is not advisable to keep large sums of cash in your office. Instead, make daily bank deposits to prevent burglars from getting their hands on your hard-earned money. Vary the times of day when you go to make the deposit and beware of suspicious persons in the bank or en route to the bank.


Alarm systems are the ultimate business security essentials as they are the most effective burglar deterrents. Displaying an alarm sign is also sufficient to discourage burglars from breaking into your property as they do not want to risk their chances of tripping off the alarm system.

Invest in a reliable alarm system by a reputed security guard company which provides alarm response security services. This will ensure your business is protected after work hours and trained security guards will be on the spot within minutes of your alarm going off.

Surveillance security systems

No business security essentials list is complete without the inclusion of a surveillance security system. Technology has enabled the most efficient surveillance systems to be available at modest prices and every business should have one installed. Talk to a reputable security guard company that provides surveillance security systems and get one installed immediately.

A surveillance system captures all sorts of nefarious activities occurring at your workplace and gives valuable information regarding a burglar’s identity. Burglars are intimidated by the prospects of being identified and steer clear of businesses that have surveillance security systems. Opt for a surveillance system from a security guard company that provides video monitoring services.

Keeping your business safe from burglars is an easy task requiring just a few safety precautions. Contact your local security guard company and safeguard your business at the earliest.


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