Common Security Practices Everyone Should Follow

October 30, 2017


It is scary to think of an intruder in your house. While you may not consider it happening to you, unfortunate events like these can happen to anyone. Therefore, you need to be prepared beforehand to avoid being at the receiving end of such incidents. So are you prepared to be safe than sorry? If not, then here are a few common practices that Edmonton security companies recommend you to follow.

Be Careful with Your Key

Many people have the habit of hiding their house key under the doormat, in a potted plant next to the door or in the mailbox. They do it to avoid being locked out of the house when they forget the key inside. While it may not seem to be a big thing but you are compromising on your security. You never know who is noticing you while you collect the key from these secret places. It may no longer be a secret, and you may end up giving an intruder easy access to your house.

Install an Alarm System

A house alarm system is a very good option to consider for your security. Setting up alarm is not going to keep the criminals away, but it would definitely scare them with the loud sirens when they try to enter your property. The added advantage of having an alarm is that it informs the local authorities about the property being attacked.

Set Up Security Cameras

A good partner for your security alarm system would be a security camera. When setting up a security system for your property, consider this combination. A security camera would capture the face of the intruder, making it easier to identify them later. The camera will also help you to keep track of any person who has been persistently eyeing your property for a long time. Opt for a camera which can be accessed remotely, like on a mobile phone, so that you can keep an eye on your property even when you are away.

Set Up Your House to Look Occupied

This is a good technique to keep prying eyes off your property. While your house is going to be empty when you are away, make sure to set it up in such a way that it looks occupied. You could do so by keeping the lights on. If you are going to be away for a longer period, you could make use of timers to turn on the lights in the evening.

Hire a Security Guard

If you have a large property or you reside in a big residential complex, hiring a security guard is a must. While alarms and cameras can be helpful, having a security guard or two would help cover more area. You could mutually decide on this with the other members of the complex. Security guards are well trained to handle criminal situations. Your safety is the responsibility of a security guard.

Replace Your Lock from Time to Time

You may consider your door lock to be extremely safe, but it is still advisable to change it from time to time. Door locks tend to wear down over a period of time making them less efficient. If you have recently moved into your home, changing the lock is a must as you may not be aware who else might have a key to the old lock. Another reason to change the lock would be when you lose your key.

Be Alert with Social Media

This is a point to consider especially when you are planning to take a vacation away from home. People have a tendency to post about their forthcoming holidays on social media. When you post on social media, you cannot filter who may read your posts. A burglar may chance upon your post, and it may become an open invitation for him.

Having an intruder in your house is something you never think can happen to you. Letting down your guard is never a wise decision. Make sure to practice these security tips without fail. To get a complete security system set up for your home, contact one of the finest Edmonton security companies.


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