The Need For Cybersecurity And Physical Security Convergence

January 27, 2022

The Need For Cybersecurity And Physical Security Convergence

Security leaders in the industry have discussed the convergence of cybersecurity and physical security for years. Although these two security departments are intrinsically intertwined, many organizations and company owners still consider these separate and oftentimes suffice to have only one in place.

This act was justifiable not long before when the tools and options to integrate both the security systems were not available. But now several reliable security companies like GPS Security allow you to have both security systems under one security contractor. Enabling you to have a single body for security planning, deployments, and procedures.
The following blog covers all the possible aspects of the convergence of physical and cyber security.

Solid Security Posture

The physical security of your company can help you mitigate cyber security. A solid physical security system helps you keep in compliance with the standards and regulations. Moreover, it provides full control of the protocols when it comes to visitor identity management.

Knowing about the people present in your building helps you maintain the authorization protocol. For instance, solid physical security can make sure that the areas home to sensitive information and equipment are not open for unauthorized personnel, such as HR rooms containing employee data can be kept locked for all except for some designated individuals.

Similarly, the server rooms can have separate security guards and identification locks to avoid any authorized person from approaching them. In short, this can help enhance your network security strength.

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Achieving Convergence

There are many ways a security company can provide you with convergence security plans for the physical and cyber security of your organization, business, or commercial building. Hence, you should look for a company that can provide you with more cyber security. Here is what to look for.

Building Network Secure Products

While professional cloud-based security systems are designed for use on public servers, many servers designed for on-premise installations may lack secure data transmission services and strong hardware security.

If not dealt with properly, the network’s devices can become hotspots of malicious intrusions in the cyber network of your business. If done properly they can be the strength of your cybersecurity system. Make sure that the system deployed can prevent malicious attacks and activities using bot recognition or detection technology. Along with decreasing the attack surface by eliminating the need to establish open inbound ports.

Deploy And Support Applications

The best providers will monitor your cyber network with a multi-layer security model. The select model should be able to reduce redundancy, risk management, and ensure business continuity.

Without proper monitoring and support, you can face costly network breakdowns and security breaches.

Make sure that the system supports two-point authentication, and has enabled automatic software and firmware updates.

Preparing For Convergence

Some of the aspects to keep in mind when trying to achieve cyber and physical security convergence are,

  • Including your IT department in the security planning and procedures improves your organization’s security.
  • You will have security loopholes if both the cyber and physical security teams continue to be siloed.
  • You cannot have good cyber security without proper building security.
  • Having a good relationship with your IT department helps you be breach-ready.
  • Handling risks involve dealing with threats, scalability, data privacy, reputational threats, and more.

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