What Types Of Businesses Need Armed Security Guards?

September 9, 2021

What Types Of Businesses Need Armed Security Guards?

Whether you are launching a business or own an already established one, you have to deal with the fact that crimes like theft can occur at any time. It would be a huge mistake to ignore the potential risks that your business might face and believe that nothing bad could happen on its premises. You are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your business and its employees. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire experienced and well-trained security.

You must hire security services from a reliable security company if your business involves storing, manufacturing, or selling expensive items. For an Edmonton-based business, you have low chances of getting robbed or having your property vandalized, still, it would be a good practice to hire guards from a reliable security company in Edmonton.

This post discusses some scenarios where having the most experienced and reliable armed security guards is inevitable.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry shops are among the most vulnerable spots for robbery and theft. These expensive and valuable items are mostly small in size and lightweight, making it easy for a thief to steal and hide them. They can be carried out of the premises to long distances without being noticed.

This is why it is extremely important for jewelry designers, manufacturers, and dealers to ensure that their facilities are safe from all types of theft and burglaries. Hiring an experienced and reliable security team that can be on duty around the clock is the most effective way to attain security.


One of the most essential industries that require security services is banks. They are critical to the country’s economy and are responsible for the security of funds and the accounts of their customers. Large amounts of money coming out and coming into the building makes it a high-risk target for robbers. The most common target of combat criminal activities worldwide is a bank.

This is why armed security guards with optimum training and experience must be hired by a bank for protection and safety from all kinds of threats. Utilizing the services of a private security company for your employee and customer protection is advised. These companies perform background checks on all hires and retain all security data which can be beneficial in the case of any unfortunate situation.

Currency Exchange

A currency exchanger with weak security is a hot target for criminals who are looking to make some easy money. Currency exchange businesses deal in local and foreign currency which makes them a haven for robbers. Such facilities must hire competent security personnel who are not only vigilant and attentive but highly skilled to handle armed heists.

Money changers are usually small, enclosed spaces that do not require long-range or even mid-range shooting skills. Instead, guards should have experience with weapons, unarmed fist-fighting, grappling, and unarming offenders to prevent any successful robbery attempts.


There is no other place that can beat a museum when you are talking about expensive and priceless possessions. All items that you see inside a museum building do not belong to a single individual, rather they are a part of a national or sometimes even international heritage. If something of this value is stolen or “goes missing”, it is seen as a significant loss not only to the museum but to the entire nation. This is more than just a financial loss, it’s a loss of national integrity and image.

Therefore, it is crucial for museum owners and managers to ensure their best when it comes to the protection and safeguard of such items. They must not leave any weak spots not monitored on their premises.

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