What To Consider When Planning Your Security Budget

December 8, 2022


It’s easy to become overwhelmed when planning out the next year and overlook things like safety and security. There is a lot to consider when installing or expanding a security system, and if done incorrectly, it can quickly deplete your security budget.

However, if done properly, a security budget can help you set clear goals, protect you and your organization against risks and prevent money as well as resource wastage.

Building a security budget can be a complex and sometimes exhausting process, so we wanted to share some insights from our perspective as a top-rated security company. Below are a few things we urge you to consider when you put together your organization’s security budget.

What Kind Of Security Does Your Company Need?

It is common to believe that security systems are costly, reserved for large corporations, and mostly used to prevent theft. However, security systems come in various scopes and can be customized to meet your demands.

Alarms system monitoring, cyber & online security, video monitoring, and security guards are all examples of security needs. Determining your requirements might help in the selection of the best security system for you.

When planning safety and security for your business this year, consider what key areas of your organization you want to protect. While planning your budget, consider the following questions:

  • Are you concerned about who has access to your property?
  • Do you want to know how you may better manage your employees?
  • Do you need indoor or outdoor security? Or maybe both?
  • Are you in charge of multiple sites and are searching for a solution that can smoothly integrate all of your facilities?
  • Do you require proactive and reactive security? Or something more passive to improve administration and control?

Choosing The Right Security Provider

If you’re not sure what sort of security you need, it’s a good idea to consult with a security provider who can help you identify the locations in your facility that might benefit from additional security.

Be aware of security companies that are just interested in selling you a product. Before suggesting a security solution, a credible company will do an on-site evaluation. Look for an alarm provider that works with you as a partner; they will have your best interests in mind.

You won’t have to deal with various suppliers, pay individual fees, or deal with different customer support teams if you choose a reputed alarm.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a prominent trend in security solutions and may be quite effective in certain situations. It is an expensive add-on, but there is a way to work within your budget to acquire the best camera for your business.

Consider what or who you are watching, the level of protection you want, and the amount of detail necessary to build a solution that fits your budget.

Speaking with a professional will make this process easier and may even save you money in the long run.

Fire Alarm And Voice Evacuation

It is suggested to install a fire alarm system in your commercial building and undertake periodic fire alarm inspection/testing. While this is a significant price, it serves as an essential life safety protection protocol for your company. Knowing all of the laws, rules, and regulations might be intimidating, but understanding the standards is crucial so that you and your staff are never at significant risk.

To make the most of your investment (and your time), choose a security company that includes inspections in their cost. This eliminates the need to remember to arrange inspections and expels the need to explore the problematic language of inspection codes.

Physical Security

Physical security hazards, including break-ins, staff safety, and on-site accidents, should be factored into every company’s security budget. Access-control systems, insurance, security guards, business door locks, and other physical assets can all be funded through a security budget. Make sure you budget for comprehensive insurance/coverage options that contain all you require.

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