7 Signs That Your Business Needs a Security Service

December 8, 2014

Having a security service may have never occurred to you before, but certain incidents may bring the idea forward. For many businesses, the idea of hiring a security agency puts them in dilemma.

What are the circumstances that warrant hiring a security guard agency? Well, here are 7 signs that your business needs to hire a security agency.

1. Worried about Crime

Worried about rising crime in your area? Hiring a security guard can be precautionary measure. The sight of trained professional security acts as a deterrent and discourages criminals from trying anything. Rising crime is a sign of the changing times. While a security agency can’t change a social trend, it can provide the right amount of security to your business.

2. A Visitation Plan

You may be planning to open up to visitors because you are a film studio, a large corporations or a biotech laboratory that have visitors to see the work you’re doing.

A security agency is adept at a making a visitation plan to ensure your visitors don’t stray into out-of-bound areas. It’s a smart way to protect yourself from intellectual and property theft.

  1. 3. Concerned about Emergency Response

The police are always called after a crime occurs and they take time to coordinate and reach the location. By hiring a security agency, you have trained professional security guards who can deal with all kinds of situations from physical altercations, medical emergencies to fires.

4. Have Employees working Late

Late night working can put your employees at risk. A security guard ensures the area and the employees are safe. They can further ensure that employees also leave safely.

5. Threat of Vandals

For vandals, it is solely not about the issue of robbing your premise, rather they opt for property damage. From spray painting to breaking windows, vandals indulge in all sorts of property damage.

6. Post Fire Security

Has your building been gutted in fire? Well, while the fire investigation and renovation is on, your premises will be open to theft, vandalism and even a chance of becoming a crack den. A security agency will ensure your premise is safe even after a fire. GPS Security has even been hired by the St. Albert government for exactly this.

7. Habitually a victim of Theft

This is the best and most compelling reason to hire a security agency. Theft can come be done by your employees or your customers. A security agency will be able set up an efficient security system that will put a stop to it. This includes electronically maintained access points, surveillance system, sensors and security guards. This way a security guard can keep an eye on your products so they aren’t stolen.

If you’re worrying about security and wondering if you should hire a security agency, you should get one. GPS Security is Alberta’s leading security agency and should be contacted. They will be able to fulfill all your needs.


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