In the event of an emergency, St. Albert looks to GPS Security

October 21, 2014

We are proud to announce that the City of St. Albert has contracted GPS Security to secure their building in case of a fire or any other emergency. While we hope that we will seldom have to use our skills, we are ready to get into action and reduce damages to property and health in case of an emergency. GPS will be responsible to managing emergency incidents such as fires or environmental disasters. In case of such an emergency, GPS has a 3-step policy to tackle issues arising from the emergency: 1. Respond Immediately GPS will reach the emergency spot almost immediately and have complete coverage and security of the site within 2 hours. 2. Keep Civilians Out For the most part, this means keeping people out of the St. Albert’s Emergency Services Department. GPS Security is responsible for keeping the affected area secure using a ‘Do Not Cross’ tape around the location. Security guards will be posted to ensure that civilians don’t enter and anyone who does enter is either a professional or accompanied by one. Keeping civilians out is important because: – The structure is unsafe. The damage by the fire is still to be estimated. Floorboards, stairs, etc. could be weak and this is dangerous for any civilian to walk on. – The investigation is still on. The Fire Department has to assess what caused the fire. For this, the fire department requires a fire scene that is un-tampered so that the correct evidence can be collected. 3. Keep it Safe from Vandals Any building, even if it is the Municipal building of St. Albert, will be abandoned at the first sign of a fire. It may take a month before the fire investigation is completed, an assessment is done and finally repair work is started on it. During that time, the building will be abandoned. It is highly possible that vandals will try to rob items from the City of St. Albert, like desks, chair and anything else they can get their hands on. They may also further cause destruction to the place by breaking things and spraying graffiti. Vandalism will increase the cost of repairs if guards don’t secure the location. GPS Security won’t only swing into action for just a fire situation, but its service will also be used by the City of St. Albert if the building becomes a crime scene, experiences an environmental disaster or any such emergency. GPS Security is committed to the safety of St. Albert’s residents and will always follow the highest standards to quality to achieve the same.

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