5 uses of Mobile Surveillance Trailers

September 1, 2018

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance trailers have cameras mounted on 30-feet long poles that are used to monitor an area continuously by moving from one place to another. Apart from security guards, neighborhoods and businesses need extra security and this is where mobile surveillance trailers are useful. Mobile surveillance trailers are used to monitor and record live events which can deter crime and can also be used as evidence. The latest mobile surveillance trailer is called as MSU HYBRID which works on solar energy. These units can operate for up to 4 months in summer and up to 2 months in winter without refueling. They are useful in many businesses and public places to ensure better security. Some of the areas you can consider using mobile surveillance trailers are:

Car Dealership Showrooms

Car dealerships are always at high risk of theft, especially the luxury cars. Mobile surveillance trailers can monitor cars from multiple locations to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Also, cars, SUVs, and trucks have catalytic converters and antipollution devices which contain precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. So, if it is not possible to drive the cars from the showrooms, thieves can steal these converters and sell them for money. Incidents like these can be avoided by using mobile surveillance trailers as they record all the activities within the showroom and thieves may think twice before stealing anything because of the fear of getting caught on cameras.

Neighborhood Security

You might have heard of neighborhoods that are known for criminal activities. Mobile surveillance trailers can be used in neighborhoods that are crime hotspots. Police usually patrol neighborhoods multiple times in a day, but they cannot be present everywhere in a neighborhood at the same time. Instead, you can place multiple mobile surveillance trailers in numerous locations to monitor criminal activities in the neighborhood.

Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship are often prone to vandalism and violence. Graffiti and destruction of property are rising in places of worship. Such activities can be monitored and deterred by using mobile surveillance trailers at the places of worship.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities have hundreds and thousands of students and staff members. Using mobile surveillance trailers along with security guards can provide additional security for students and staff. Monitoring the premises of educational institutions will deter various activities such as vandalism, bullying, and fighting. Events recorded on the cameras can be used as evidence.


Incidents like burglary often occur at warehouses. Burglars are always looking out for chances to sneak into warehouses to steal goods that are stored for distribution and packaging. Warehouses can be monitored live with mobile surveillance trailers and burglars can be caught with evidence.

Apart from these, mobile surveillance trailers can also be useful for various commercial events, construction sites, and other places. Mobile surveillance trailers add an extra layer of security. Using mobile surveillance trailers with security guards and other security services will provide better security and safety for your businesses and people. To get mobile surveillance units on rent or to know more about our security services, contact us at GPS Security Group.


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