5 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You

December 15, 2016


Want to make your house burglar proof? Well, that’s not easy but neither it is impossible. To make your home completely safe from burglars, you should know what’s going on in their minds. However, is this easy? Will they tell you their secrets of breaking into a house? I don’t think so. Let us help you interpret the thought process of burglars. Here are some things which a burglar won’t tell you but you should know:

  1. Burglars don’t want to get caught

Burglars break into your house in the dark because they don’t want to get caught. They want to rob all the valuables without getting noticed by anyone. So, you should make arrangements in your home that will give burglars the feeling that they will get caught. What’s better than security systems to keep burglars away? Having video monitoring and alarm monitoring systems in place deters burglars and they move on to your neighbor’s house.

  1. Burglars do not prefer easy entry

Do you think burglars will enter from the door? Burglars do not like entering from the doors, they prefer secret entry points. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t secure your doors but along with the doors all the other entry points should be sealed properly too. Alarm monitoring is the best way to prevent burglars as it will let you and your neighbors know when there is any movement around your house.

  1. Burglars like the night time

Most burglaries take place in the nights. After a hard day at work when people return to their homes to take rest, the burglars take advantage. Burglars know that everyone is sleeping in the house and so, it is easy to break in and perform the robbery.

  1. Burglars and dogs are enemies

Do you have a dog at home? If no, you should get one soon. Dogs are the best security guards to keep burglars away. While you’re sleeping in the night or you are out of the house, dogs safeguard your home. A dog will deter criminals and burglars.

  1. Burglars do not look in your sock drawer

The sock drawer is one of the best hiding places of many. Most of you hide valuables in the sock drawer thinking that the burglar wouldn’t check in there. However, the burglars are aware of these hiding places and so, you should have better hiding places in your homes. Investing in a digital safe is recommended.

Now that you know these secrets of burglars, you know how to keep them away from your home. Upgrade your hiding areas, invest in security systems, and get a dog. This will keep you and your home safe from burglars and you will be able to enjoy your night’s sleep.

Image Source: c1.staticflickr.com/3/2881

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