4 Must-Have Home Security Gadgets

May 31, 2016

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Do the growing number of burglaries worry you? Do you find your home security to be at risk? It’s time for you to take some steps in order to make your home security more powerful. Better than relying on your neighbors, you can ensure the safety of your home with the use of modern technology. Also, if you are unable to trust a security guard to take care of your home, you can opt for the home security gadgets that are easily available and are doing a great job in securing many homes. Here are a few must-have home security gadgets that will keep your home protected.

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

While thinking of home security, security cameras are the first thing that comes to your mind as they are the most trusted burglar deterrent gadgets. Having video monitoring in place, you will be able to record all the in comings and out goings of your house. There are different types of security cameras that you can choose from. A wireless video monitoring system is the most beneficial among all these various types. Also, if you get a video doorbell you will be able to keep a watch at all the visitors and allow only the ones you want into your home. Video doorbells are the best security gadgets for doors.

Home Alarm

Home alarm

Installing an alarm for home security is a great idea. The alarm sensors are burglar deterrent gadgets that detect any movement close to your door and the alarm goes off. The best type of alarm monitoring for your home security is the barking dog alarm. It is one of the most useful security gadgets for doors. This alarm starts off with a warning bark, and if the intruder does not get out it gets angrier and angrier. The fear of a big scary canine is more than enough to ward off most of the intruders.

Fake TV Light Box

Fake TV light box

This is one of the best home security gadgets as it aims at stopping burglars from even trying. If the home TV is on, the burglar knows that someone is at home and will not dare to enter the home. The only problem with the fake TV light box is that it could show a major hike in your electricity bills. If you want to save money on your bills, this trick won’t work. To fix the money issue you can set the fake TV light box on a timer. Doing this, you will not only be able to save money on your electricity bills but also make the burglar think that it is not a trick.

Memory Switch

Memory switch

Similar to the fake TV light box trick, memory switch works on a timer. It randomly switches the lights of your house on and off and creates the illusion that someone is at home. The unique thing about a memory switch is that it varies the on and off times slightly so that anyone keeping a watch from outside doesn’t know that the lights are just on a timer.

Although all of these burglar deterrent gadgets are not necessary to have for complete home security, having a few of these will help your belongings and your family stay safe.


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