Security Systems 101: Know How Technology Works In Security

December 30, 2014

Technology plays a key role in providing security. It enhances the capabilities of a security service and it can do things that humans can’t. Any good security system uses a host of technological elements to prevent theft, protect a perimeter or record criminal activity.

If you aren’t aware of how technology is used in the security world, this is a good article to keep yourself informed.

Alarm Sensors

Alarms are based on motion or infrared sensor. When you activate your security, these sensors switch on and can be triggered by movement. They are very effective in protecting access points at home or stores like the doors and windows. When a sensor is tripped, a signal is sent out to your security service and police department.

Alarm sensors consist of one of the most basic technological gadgets used by security services. GPS Security has a specific service for alarm response and immediately takes action when an alarm sensor goes off.

Surveillance System

Surveillance system is one of the most used technology security solutions by clients. It is very effective whether the location is small like a grocery store or a large like studio office. You can have eyes at several places at once without needing to hire additional security personnel. Softwares like facial recognition add more functionality to a surveillance system.

A video camera is an easy deterrent to any person who plans on acting out a crime. Furthermore, everything is recorded and can be seen later on. This can come in handy if a criminal event does take place and the investigation agency needs help in finding the culprit.

Radio Devices

Communication plays a vital role in coordinating between security guards to effectively act. For example, a surveillance video guard notices someone shoplifting at the mall. He can inform the security guard on the ground to go and apprehend the culprit.

GPS Technology

GPS mapping technology makes life easier for security guard. It maps the route for patrol units so they know the locations or the access points they have to check out. Furthermore, when an alarm sensor sounds off, they are immediately informed and the best and quickest route is mapped out for them.

GPS Security uses GPS technology to allow clients to check real-time position of a patrol unit.

Automation System

An automation system is there for the client’s convenience. If an alarm sensor goes off, the client is immediately informed through a message. The surveillance system can be set to send messages with images from the camera. It is a good way to keep track of what’s happening at the office or store when you are not there.

Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of a security guard who is actually on the ground. He is able to perform his role in a much more effective manner. Technology works non-stop for 24 hours. With each new security development, a security guard is more effective in not only providing safety, but even in assisting the client.


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