3 Security Elements An Oil Facility Can’t Miss Out On

May 2, 2016

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Between 2006 and 2014, Alberta recorded 86 deaths due to worker fatalities in oil fields, second only to traffic accidents. Despite safety regulations necessitating the implementation and observation of safer oil extraction and storage procedures, oil field worker deaths are climbing steadily. Safety is not just about adhering to the laws set by the government, but it also includes saving lives.

Good security ensures that your oil field is safe and complies with your safety safety. Here are 3 security elements every oil facility must have.

1) Security guards

Hiring security guards to safeguard your oil extraction or storage facility is the most economical investment you can make. Not only will the security guards identify hazards and assess their risks, but they will also ensure that the workers and technicians follow the safest practices to avoid a loss of life and damage to property.

Oil extraction equipment is extremely high-priced and volatile and can easily be misused to cause accidents. Protecting oil extraction equipment from theft or misuse is another key role that security guards fulfill. Hire a security guard for your oil facility from a reputed oil and gas security guard service.

2) Alarm Response System

Having a sound alarm system in place is essential for prompt response through an alarm response service in the case of an accident or hazard at the extraction or storage site. Alarm companies Edmonton provide alarm response services which allow for emergency response officials to arrive immediately at the site and prevent further damage to life and property and undertake rescue operations if any. In the case of theft or burglary, an alarm response service from reliable alarm companies Edmonton can intimidate the burglar and protect your valuable property from being stolen.

3) Surveillance systems

In addition to security guards and an alarm response service, surveillance systems are critical for the safety and security of the oil field. Video surveillance captures all activities taking place at the oil field and records the same for future reference. Video monitoring of the oil field is an effective method of deterring theft or misuse of the extraction equipment and can help in identification of all persons involved in the case of a burglary.

Video monitoring is also useful for inspecting if the oil field is being operated in conjunction with safety guidelines. Video monitoring can help identify any potential hazards to safety early on which can prevent accidents and fatalities from happening.

Installing these security elements at your oil facility in consultation with security groups such as GPS Edmonton can save precious lives and safeguard your costly equipment from theft and damage. Get in touch with a trustworthy security service such as GPS Edmonton today and protect your oil facility and oil workers.


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