Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

24/7 Video Monitoring: The advantage of a surveillance system is that it is operational 24/7. One person can man several screens simultaneously. This eliminates the need for deploying a security guard in every room, floor or premise/location. Suspicious or criminal activity will be caught on camera and will aid investigation agencies in finding the culprits.

Remote Surveillance: This is another powerful feature offered by GPS Security Group. It allows you to access your video even when you’re not on-site. You can receive security alerts and images by SMS and/or email from our automated surveillance system.

Remote Cam: This smartphone app allows you to view a live feed of your complete surveillance system anytime from your cell phone or tablet.


GPS Video surveillance can integrate with other softwares which offer the following capabilities:

  • Face Detection
  • Recognition Customer Counting Table
  • Crowd Detection
  • Time Analysis Queue Management
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition

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