Oil And Gas Pipeline Security Guard Service

The oil and gas industry is an important facet of Alberta’s economy. For years, oil and gas have remained important sources of energy throughout Canada. With the demand for oil and gas being so high, it is absolutely imperative to safeguard oil and gas pipelines as well as remote camps. It is essential to secure not just the premises but also the assets and the people deployed in those camps. This industry is not only vulnerable to general burglars but also to threats of more serious nature, such as terrorism.

We at GPS Security Group have mastered the art and science of providing security for all kinds of contingencies and threats. We recruit and train our security team members to tackle and handle all kinds of emergency situations. Also, as a company, we are trusted and certified by several world-renowned accreditation agencies.


In order to safeguard your oil and gas sites, we employ years of expertise coupled with technology integrations to ensure that your assets are well-protected. We offer specialized security solutions for our clients after carrying out an extensive audit of their security needs. Since the risks involved in the oil and gas industry are extensive including political concerns and environmental problems, there is an even greater need for a robust, foolproof and customized security solution.

Our Specialized Services for the Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Highly trained security guards with past military experience for oil and gas campsite protection
  • First aid and medical services for campsites
  • Marked patrol vehicles to keep a strict watch on malpractices and violations
  • Drug and alcohol patrol search along with strict fire watch
  • Emergency response services for quick response to sudden situations
  • Solar-powered mobile surveillance trailers for remote location coverage.

We Provide A Full Range of Security Services
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