Mobile Patrol Security Guard Service

Now You See Us

Throughout both Edmonton and Calgary, GPS Security Group’s mobile patrol has a large presence. Whether it’s the foot patrol or the vehicle patrol, it’s usually the mobility of the units that causes potential thieves and vandals to think twice. The movement of all our patrol vehicles can be monitored with our GPS technology so that their presence can be ascertained at any time. Our mobile patrol force can be seen on foot, bike or vehicle. They can be deployed internally or externally depending on the circumstances. Our patrols are always visible, and they are able to assess potentially dangerous situations right on the spot. They are trained to take action and administer life-saving services, if necessary. We hope that our presence eliminates the need for setting any alarms off in the first place, but if one is activated, we will respond in record time. The primary purpose of our mobile patrol is to deter any criminal activity on the premises.


We See for You

Our professionally trained security guards can be your eyes and ears. Our mobile patrol units working on foot and internally can see, monitor and report any property damage occurring inside the walls of your establishment. We can check and act as fire watchers working closely with the local fire department. Our indoor presence provides a sense of security for all staff members working on-site. Our mobile patrol units working in cars or bikes outside premises can see, monitor and report any signs of vandalism occurring on and around the perimeters of the property. They also provide safety for late-night workers leaving the premises.

If you are located in Edmonton, Calgary or anywhere throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan or British Columbia, contact us for a free security audit for your establishment.

We provide mobile patrols for the following types of locations:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Locations
  • Property Management
  • Industrial Locations
  • Business Locations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Car Dealerships

Community Mobile Patrols: We provide community mobile patrols to several business communities in Edmonton and surrounding areas. This program allows the business communities to pool their financial resources together, making the cost of mobile patrol services more affordable for individual businesses. We will meet with the directors of your business association and propose a cost-saving mobile patrol security program for your business community.

We will provide you with up to two weeks of free mobile patrol to show you why our service stands out in Alberta, Saskatchewan and other parts of Western Canada. The GPS mapping technology on our vehicles coupled with the GPS mapping technology used by our guards will provide two independent reports of service delivery.

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