Fire Watch Security Guard Service

GPS Security Group provides Fire Watch to Fire Departments in Alberta to effectively report fires before they get out of control as well as protect fire sites from intrusion for fire investigation as well as Secondary Fire Watch.

Trained Fire Watch Security Guards are a crucial element to keeping a building safe when a fire breaks out. They are able to patrol a facility and make sure that vandals don’t attempt to break in or cause disturbances. This is a surefire way of keeping your belongings, building, and property safe. Get a good night’s sleep knowing that your assets are well-protected and there’s nothing to worry about.


Some Fire Watch Locations Where We Provide Services include:

  • Fire Departments
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Construction Sites
  • New Home Construction

Our trained professional guards perform exactly the same duties as regular guards, but in municipalities requiring a ‘fire watch’, it is compulsory for a security guard ‘watching the fire’ to have fire watch training.

Fire doors being replaced – A fire door is used to stop a fire from spreading. If a fire door is being taken down, it is crucial to have a trained fire watch security guard monitoring the entrance area when the location is not staffed.

Construction taking place in a portion of the building – If construction work is taking place only in a certain part of a building, then a security guard will be necessary to make sure no sparks are lit or matches burned to ensure the building does not catch fire.

Alarm system down – When the alarm system is down, it is difficult to tell if there is a fire. The best alternative is to have a security guard respond immediately to any potential fires.

Electricity outage – Power outages are not something that a person can plan, and when a generator is out, there ought to be a backup system ​to make sure that the place does not catch fire.

Water damage – it’s common for business properties to be destroyed by floods and storms. Having a security guard at commercial property entrances and halls helps in preventing ​further complications in such situations.

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