Retail Security

A retail outlet can be a small shop or a large store, such as an arcade or a department store. Irrespective of the type of store, retailers are exposed to numerous threats and risks every day. Shoplifting, burglar break-ins, fire, and other safety and security breaches can take place in a retail store. Retail safety is a necessity, and that is exactly what we provide at GPS Security Group.

With over 50 years of combined experience in providing safety and security to various businesses, we believe in providing complete protection for every property. Our security experts are aware of the best ways to create a comfortable and safe environment. We have the latest and the best security devices, such as alarm systems and CCTV cameras to ensure crime prevention and reduction within or outside your store. We also have a team of trained guards who are diligently ready to tackle any and all kinds of challenging situations. The skills and credibility of every security professional working with us are extensively examined, and training is provided to them accordingly.

We Provide Security for the Following Types of Retail Outlets:

  • Stand-alone retail stores
  • Medical retails
  • Supermarkets
  • Jewelry stores
  • Boutiques
  • Food and grocery retail shops
  • Hardline retail stores (sports goods, furniture, electronics, automobiles, and many more)
  • Chain stores

Our Certified Retail Security Services include:

  • Highly-trained security guards
  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Complete video surveillance
  • Professional monitoring centers and web-based tools for self-monitoring
  • Crowd management in emergency situations for bigger stores
  • Fire alarms, fire safety, and crisis management team
  • Unparalleled, prompt customer service

At GPS Security Group, we create a safe and secure environment so your staff can work and customers can shop without worrying about their safety. Our professional personnel will arrive at your location in the least time possible for first aid and CPR help, alarm response, and crisis management.

We Provide A Full Range of Security Services
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