Healthcare Security

Healthcare and medical institutions face some unique security challenges. We understand how important the safety of people involved in the medical and healthcare industry is. They can be patients or staff members providing healthcare services. Even machinery and medical equipment can sometimes be at risk of getting stolen.

Keeping these facts in mind, here at GPS Security, we provide total healthcare security services and systems for clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical and healthcare facilities. We have the ability to provide qualified safety and security provisions on short notices. Not only this, we are available around the clock to ensure a safe environment. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Our focus is to provide unparalleled, prompt customer service so that we can provide assistance when people need it. We only hire qualified personnel and use high-end security equipment. Our brand has earned the trust of happy customers across the province with the help of our unmatched services and professional approach towards their needs. We employ experienced and specially trained security guards in different teams to provide a complete range of safety and security solutions. Our skilled personnel are capable of managing any panic situation on their own to protect your people and assets.

Apart from a trained workforce, we also have the latest security systems and devices which help in managing safety in different parts of healthcare and medical properties. The devices we use belong to some of the leading security system brands across Canada and are updated with the latest security technologies. We provide different packages of security systems based on your requirements.

Our Tailored Healthcare Security Services include:

  • Highly-trained and professional security guards
  • Specialized tactical teams for handling different emergency situations
  • Access control and vehicle checks for all entry and exit points
  • Crowd management in emergency situations
  • Fire alarms, fire safety, and crisis management team
  • Mobile patrol team with well-equipped vehicles
  • Complete video surveillance of the entire property

GPS Security Group seeks to create a safe, secure and pleasant environment for all the visitors, patients, staff and assets as part of our healthcare security services.

We Provide A Full Range of Security Services
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