Workplace Safety & Security FAQs

March 5, 2020

Workplace Safety

How to keep the workplace secure

Here are some of the top workplace security tips:

  1. Use an alarm system.
  2. Deploy an integrated security system.
  3. Implement employee screening policy.
  4. Set up employee access control.
  5. Lock up the server room to protect your precious data.
  6. Backup all data periodically using a cloud system.
  7. Appoint a workplace safety coordinator.
  8. Check all entry and exit points regularly.
  9. Provide basic workplace safety and security training to your employees.
  10. Hire a security company.

Why is security important for the workplace

Optimal workplace security is essential for reducing your liabilities. It saves your business from unwanted potential lawsuits, compensation and insurance claims, and other social security expenses. In the long-term, companies that have comprehensive workplace security protocols increase their revenue while reducing their expenses.

How to keep a workplace safe

These tips will help you in promoting a safe work environment:

  1. Do a risk assessment.
  2. Identify and eliminate the causes of workplace stress.
  3. Offer regular breaks to employees.
  4. Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when working with a mechanical device.
  6. Use personal protective equipment that’s recommended for the task.
  7. Stay alert and stay safe.
  8. Make sure that the first aid kit is readily available.

What are some common safety concerns in today’s workplace

Some common workplace health and safety hazards include:

  1. Workplace violence
  2. Slips and trips
  3. Exposure to harmful gases
  4. Any kind of explosion
  5. Electrocution
  6. Getting struck by an object
  7. Hearing loss
  8. Communicable diseases
  9. Transportation accidents

Who is responsible for workplace security

Security in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Employers have a legal obligation to prevent any type of violence in the workplace. They have to adopt all such measures that are reasonably practicable to offer a safe and secure workplace.

What are some quick security measures that a workplace can take

If you face an imminent threat to your personal security or the security of others at your workplace, you should call 911 for help.

If the threat is not so imminent, but you are looking to beef up the security of the workplace, then you can consider the following measures:

  1. Have well-lit parking areas, building entry and exit points and walkways.
  2. Deploy emergency call boxes in the parking area.
  3. Designate separate entrances and exits for your employees and customers.
  4. Make sure all emergency exits are not blocked.
  5. Set up a surveillance device to monitor the premises 24/7.
  6. Station security guards to protect your facility.
  7. Consider setting up mobile patrols along the outer perimeter of your building or warehouse to keep intruders away.

What is the purpose of security management

Security management focuses on implementing effective information security measures at strategic, tactical and operational levels. In other words, it is the use of information security to serve the interests of your organisation.

What are the different types of workplace hazards

A workplace hazard can be:

  • Chemical
  • Ergonomic
  • Physical
  • Psychosocial
  • Workplace-specific

How to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or server network

In addition to the security tips that we’ve already covered so far, here are some proven ways for preventing unauthorized access to a network:

  1. Install all security patches and updates.
  2. Use a firewall.
  3. Read emails carefully and avoid clicking any links in suspicious emails from unknown senders.
  4. Use strong passwords.
  5. Encourage employees to report any suspicious activities to their supervisors.
  6. Offer the right security tools to your customer service reps.
  7. Write down your office security guidelines, and make sure that the employees read them carefully.

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